5 tips to secure hacked Magento store and prevent further damage

Magento is a popular open-source eCommerce platform millions of online businesses use worldwide. However, it is not immune to hacking attempts. If you suspect your Magento store has been hacked, taking immediate action to prevent further damage is crucial. Here are five tips to follow if your Magento store has been hacked.

Confirm the hack

The first step is to confirm whether your Magento store has been hacked. Signs of a hacked website include unusual website behavior, slow website performance, strange pop-ups, and the appearance of unfamiliar content. If you see any of these signs, check the website's error logs and access logs to see if there are any unusual activities. You can also use a website security scanner to check for malware and other security issues.

Secure your website

Once you have confirmed that your Magento store has been hacked, the next step is to secure your website. Start by changing your admin password and all other account passwords immediately. Install a security extension such as Sucuri, MageReport, or MageFence to monitor and secure your website. You should also update your Magento store to the latest version, as this often contains security patches that can help prevent future attacks.

Remove malware

Malware can steal sensitive information, such as customer and payment information, and redirect users to malicious websites. Removing malware from your website is crucial to prevent further damage. To remove malware, you can use a website security scanner or a security extension to scan and remove any malicious code. Additionally, eliminating unused Magento extensions and themes is essential, as hackers can exploit these.

Restore backups

If you have backups of your Magento store, restoring them to a time before the hack occurred is advisable. This can help remove any malware and ensure your website is back to its original state. However, make sure to scan the backups for malware before restoring them. If you don't have backups, you can still recover your website by removing the malicious code and securing your website.

Monitor your website

After securing your website and removing any malware, it's essential to monitor it regularly to ensure it remains secure. Install a website security extension to scan for malware and security issues regularly. Keep your Magento store updated with the latest security patches and avoid installing untrusted extensions or themes. Lastly, always back up your website regularly to avoid losing your data in case of another attack.

In conclusion, if your Magento store has been hacked, it's crucial to act fast and follow the above tips to secure your website. By confirming your website and monitoring it regularly, you can prevent future attacks and ensure your customers' data is safe. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so always prioritize website security to avoid falling victim to hacking attempts.