People to Follow

This is the list of people to follow on Twitter for Magento content, in no particular order.

If you feel someone is missing, something is incorrect, or you want to remove yourself from this list, email me at

Name / Link


Technical Director at Hyvä and Association Board President at MageOS.

Founder of Hyvä Themes. Talks all about frontend experience and how to make it better with Magento 2 Open Source.

Magento course creator. Founder and teacher of the

Blogger. Posts Magento certification quizzes, tutorials.

Creator of this Mage Mastery website. YouTuber and online courses creator.

Host of "Smash the Bug" podcast. Online course creator and YouTuber.

Open Source Maintainer, speaker, performance optimization trainer.

Creator of n98-magerun. Blogger.

Magento security advocate and speaker.

Online courses creator, Magento trainer, organizer of @MageUnConfNL, @MageTestFest and @Reacticon

Chief Adobe Commerce Architect.

Founding Board Member @mage_os. Speaker.

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