eCommerce Digest #125

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The eCommerce world is ever-evolving, with weekly updates on products, tools, events, and knowledge-sharing initiatives. Our mission is to help you navigate this vast sea of information by curating a digest of tutorials, tools, videos, and events across popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware, WooCommerce, Laravel, WIX, and WordPress. Read this ecommerce digest to stay informed about the latest happenings in the world of eCommerce.


How to Edit Product Photos for an eCommerce Store? by Yogesh Khasturi

10 Verified Strategies to Boost Your E-Commerce Business Growth by Yogesh Khasturi

Behind the Cart: The Success Secrets of E-Commerce Giants by Yogesh Khasturi

The 80/20 Rule: Work Less, Earn More (Here's How) by Ecommerce Coffee Break

How Inflation and Weather Shape Online Shopping Trends by Ecommerce Coffee Break

Most Popular eCommerce Shipping solutions for businesses by IDS Logic

From Rule-based to Generative AI Chatbots: a Guide for Businesses by Onilab LLC

Elevate Your Brand: Innovative Ways to Boost Company Visibility Using Social Media Platforms by Darshan Saroya 

Content Pruning: A Proven Way to Boost SEO Effectiveness by XtremeUX

Ecommerce Product Page SEO for 2024: 15 Best Practices by XtremeUX

Top 10 UX Optimization Best Practices for 2024 by XtremeUX

8+ Best Web Design Courses Online by Sally Do

Magento 2

Magento Quizzes by Mage Mastery

Best Magento Extensions by Mage Mastery

Magento 2.4 Full Course by Max Pronko

5 Ways to Link Parent/Child Entities in Magento 2 by Max Pronko

MageTitans Groningen 2024 in DOT, Groningen on Sep 13

Meet Magento Poland 2024 in Poznan on Sep 30 - Oct 01

Meet Magento NYC 2024 in New York City, USA on Oct 10

Meet Magento Netherlands in Amsterdam on Oct 31

Mage Unconference Germany in Cologne, Germany on Nov 01-03

Meet Commerce Spain 2024 in Barcelona, Spain on Nov 12

Hyvä Developers Paradise 2025 in Gran Canaria, Spain on Feb 21-Feb 22

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Get Ready for a Sunny Upgrade: An Easy Guide to Shopify’s Summer ’24 Release by Yogesh Khasturi

How to Cancel Shopify Subscription Guide + Steps to Take Before You Deactivate Your Store by FireBear Studio

How to Remove Powered by Shopify in 4 Steps by FireBear Studio

Shopify to Shopify Plus: Should You Make the Switch or Not? Let’s Resolve the Challenge by IDS Logic

Shopify Chat: Best Way For Buyers to Reach You by FireBear Studio

Shopify Gift Cards Explained: A Detailed How-To Guide by FireBear Studio

Advanced Shopify Import: Gift Cards by FireBear Studio

5 Best Shopify Back-in-stock Apps for Restock Alerts [2024] by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

7 Best Payment Providers For Shopify in 2024 by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

Shopify Speed Optimization — A Step-by-Step Guide To Create Fast & Reliable eShop by Denys Kharlamov

Speed Up Shopify Page 2024 with One Simple Trick by Ecom Masterclass

How to Measure Page Speed Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Prompt Engineering Tutorial: A Beginner's Guide to AI Prompting by Learn With Shopify

Discover 13 Best Shopify 2.0 Themes in 2024 by Summer Nguyen

How To Change Shopify Store Name: 2024 Updated Guide by Summer Nguyen

How To Pause Shopify Store: A Quick Guide In 2024 by Summer Nguyen

15+ Best Shopify Blog Themes Driving Your Traffic in 2024 by Summer Nguyen

Top 30 Shopify Dawn Theme Examples You Should Know! by Summer Nguyen

How to Change the Background Color on Shopify - any section on shopify by How To 1 Minute

How to increase the height of a section shopify div (2024) by How To 1 Minute

How to add logo to website tab shopify | Favicon For Shopify by How To 1 Minute

How to Add Internal Links on Shopify (Page or Post) by How To 1 Minute

How to edit products on shopify (Step By Step) by How To 1 Minute

How to add sales channel in shopify | Full Guide by How To 1 Minute

How to assign template to a page shopify | Shopify pages template by How To 1 Minute

Verify shopify domain with facebook Business (Step By Step) by How To 1 Minute

How to uninstall an app on shopify (Quick & Easy) by How To 1 Minute

How to delete an order on shopify | unfulfill shopify order by How To 1 Minute

How to change collection image in shopify | Full Guide by How To 1 Minute


BigCommerce Review 2024: Discover the Latest Features and Updates! by Ecommerce Platforms

A Guide to Creating Scalable Business Models by Shopify Staff


Shopware Shines Again – Forrester Wave Highlights Top B2B eCommerce Platform by Shlok Parikh

AI in the B2B sector: Game changer or overhyped? by Shopware

Shopware Developer Digest June 24 by Marco Steinhäuser


How to plan for Black Friday and why you should start now by Elizabeth Rosselle


How to Configure Laravel with Additional Environment Files? by Bharat Desai

Mastering Authorization in Laravel: A Guide to Gates and Policies by Bharat Desai

Build Custom Admin Panels With Backpack for Laravel by Cristian Tabacitu

Laravel Error Solutions on the Default Exception Page by Paul Redmond


What is a domain name for beginners and why it matters by Judit Ruiz Ricart

Tactics for multi-stakeholder reporting by Judith Lewis

It’s New: A Daily SEO News Video Series by WIX


WordPress 6.6 RC2 by marybaum

Website optimization by WordPress

Media Corps Briefing: WordPress 6.6 with Anne McCarthy by WordPress

WordPress taxonomies by WordPress

Creating custom post types and taxonomies by WordPress

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