eCommerce Digest #60

Weekly digest of the best eCommerce articles 

Welcome to this digest filled with informative and engaging articles covering various eCommerce and customer experience topics.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, eCommerce has become an essential part of business strategy for companies of all sizes. From the latest trends in eCommerce to creating a seamless digital customer experience, this digest offers insights and practical tips to help businesses thrive in the competitive world of online retail.

Whether you're looking to build a customer-centric eCommerce store or deploy a successful app, the articles in this digest will provide valuable information and actionable advice to help you stay ahead.

So please sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and dive into eCommerce with us.


Router with Dynamic Params in PHP 8 by Max Pronko

How to make a cover for a website? by Max Pronko

How eCommerce will change in the end of 2023 by Mage Mastery

Ecommerce accessibility quick guide - why and how? by Anna Karon

Shaping eCommerce with Christian Lelaidier, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Front-Commerce by Shaping eCommerce with IronPlane

The Ultimate E-commerce Website Redesign Guide by Onilab LLC.

eCommerce Benefits Both Buyers and Sellers by Stephen Smith

Product Visualization Drives Customer Experience by Understanding eCommerce

5 Steps to Ensure Successful App Deployment by Understanding eCommerce

Content Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Blog by Understanding eCommerce

Best Ways to Build a Customer-Centric eCommerce Store to Maximize Success by Understanding eCommerce

What is PWA? by GOMAGE — Magento & PWA Development Company

Bridging the physical and digital worlds: Tips for a seamless phygital customer experience by Icreative

Unlock the Power of Social Proof: Boost Ecommerce Sales with Customer Reviews and Testimonials by Icreative

Ecommerce returns best practices: 4 tips to improve the experience in your shop by Paqato

SEMRush Tutorial for SEO, Keyword Research Walk & Competitor Analysis by IWD Agency

9 Common SEO Mistakes that Weaken eCommerce Websites by Kai Do

Roi Sorezki : Transforming the Shopping Experience: The Benefits of Autonomous Personalization by A Shopify Growth Podcast: Ecommerce Coffee Break

Rishabh Jain : Boosting Sales with the Creator-Driven Commerce Approach | EP169 by A Shopify Growth Podcast: Ecommerce Coffee Break

Ben Fisher : Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Subscription Box Businesses | EP170 by A Shopify Growth Podcast: Ecommerce Coffee Break

Magento 2

How to make a cover for a website? by Max Pronko

Magento 2.4.6 Breaking Changes and TIPS for Magento Developers by Max Pronko

Why do you need a Magento 2 certification? by Anna Kosheva

If you would like to check out the rest of the collection of resources dedicated to Magento development and related topics, please visit Magento Tech Digest #235.


How to Import Customers to Shopify Using CSV by Vishal Dave

Shopify Privacy Policy Generator Free by Ecom Masterclass

Notification Settings in Shopify for Beginners by Ecom Masterclass

How to Issue a Refund on Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Location Inventory Apps Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Shopify How to Add Images to Homepage by Ecom Masterclass

Shopify Cart Examples by Ecom Masterclass

Buy Button Direct to Checkout Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

How to Add Any Anchor Link on About Us Page on Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Add live chat to your store with Shopify Inbox || Shopify Help Center by Shopify Help Center

6 Tools Every Retailer on Amazon-Shopify Must Invest in 2023 by Shilpi Singh

How to Create Shopify PHP App using Shopify CLI? by Bharat Desai

Shopify Inventory Collections by Jody Edgar - The Shopify Expert

How to collect orders after integrate with your shopify store with fulfillmen by Fulfillmen

How To Setup SMS Marketing The Right Way For Shopify by Justin Cener

How much money do you need to set up a profitable Shopify store? by Learn With Shopify

How To Add Age Verification To Shopify 2023 || EComposer Landing page builder by EComposer Landing Page Builder

How to stand out from the millions of posts from the Internet by Learn With Shopify

A Guide to Setting Successful Business Goals by Shopify Staff

4 Learnings From a Mission-Driven Outdoors Company by Meghan Coyle

Understanding the 4 Stages of a Product Life Cycle by Shopify Staff

Website Migration: A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Migration by Shopify Staff

Unsought Products: Definition and How To Sell by Shopify Staff

Inspirational Sales Quotes From Effective Sales Leaders by Shopify Staff

6 Popular and Free Social Media Management Tools by Shopify Staff

What Is Customer Service and What Can Make It Great? by Shopify Staff

Sales Analytics 101: Everything You Need To Know by Shopify Staff

Complete Guide to Direct-Mail Marketing: Advantages and Costs by Shopify Staff

Do I Need Business Insurance? 17 Types of Business Insurance by Shopify Staff

Product Life Cycle Management: A 101 Guide by Shopify Staff

What Is Sales Automation? How To Choose the Right Software by Shopify Staff

A Complete Guide to Google Ad Extensions by Shopify Staff

5 Types of AR and How They Improve Online Shopping by Shopify Staff

5 Popular Micro Influencer Platforms and Top Benefits by Shopify Staff

10 Business Card Ideas for Your Company by Shopify Staff

What Is a Price-to-Value Strategy? Definition and Benefits by Shopify Staff

What Is NPS? Net Promoter Score: Definition and Tips by Shopify Staff

7 Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners by Shopify Staff

Search Intent: What It Is and Why It’s Important for SEO by Shopify Staff

Augmented Reality Apps: 4 Popular Apps and Their Benefits by Shopify Staff

What Is Agile Marketing? Definition, Benefits, and Tips by Shopify Staff

5 Branding Ideas to Grow Your Business by Shopify Staff

What Is Graphic Design? Overview and 8 Types of Design by Shopify Staff

8 Things to Look For When Choosing Web Design Tools by Shopify Staff

Mobile SEO Guide: Essential Best Practices and Tools by Shopify Staff

Shopify Dropshipping, Content Marketing and Customer Support Apps by Understanding eCommerce

Building Customer Trust With 10 Best Reviews Apps For Shopify by Jane

The Complete INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS GUIDE (Reels, Stories, Verification, Instagram Shopping & More!) by Learn With Shopify


BigCommerce Installation Guide Final by UserWay

BigCommerce Success Story: E2X by BigCommerce

Stripe X BigCommerce Omnichannel Hackathon CLOSING! by BigCommerce Developers

BigCommerce Hackathon Buy now pick up in store project demo by MAK Design

BigCommerce Wins Two VIP Awards for Solution Provider Excellence: 2023 VIP Challenger Award and Best Cross-Industry Collaboration/360 Degree Solution Award by BigCommerce

Clicks to Bricks: Successfully Merging In-Person and Online Sales by Britni McCotter

Social Commerce Strategies and Best Practices by Jay Walsh


Why composable commerce is key to thriving in an uncertain economy by Shopware


WooCommerce 7.6 Release Candidate by Leif Singer

WC Blocks Extensibility Monthly Chat: April Edition by Stephanie Pi

Developer Office Hours: April Edition – Deferred by Stephanie Pi

WooCommerce 7.6 Release Candidate 2 by Leif Singer


Everything You Can Test in Your Laravel Application by Paul Redmond

Validated DTO Package for Laravel by Paul Redmond

PlanetScale Database Migrations for Laravel by Paul Redmond

Laravel Expectations Plugin for Pest by Paul Redmond

Let's talk about Form Requests by Steve McDougall


How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress | ONLINE STORE 2023 | Wood Mart Theme Tutorial by Zone Tech Info

How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress | Complete WordPress eCommerce Tutorial 2023 by WPGIZ

The Month in WordPress – March 2023 by rmartinezduque

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