Key Advantages of CRM for eCommerce

Sales managers need tools to be effective. One of them is a CRM system with all its advantages. There are several key criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing and implementing such a tool.

Reasons to make a CRM system

Sales management. All activities of the organization in the field of order fulfillment can be automated. CRMsystem allows you to ensure that the client receives a quality product or service in a timely manner, and helps to avoid problems associated with the human factor. The program will undertake the creation of supporting documents, tracking incoming applications, and will help managers plan further steps in working with clients.

Marketing management. The advantages of a CRM system are the ability to fully automate work with clients, carry out market research, analyze the data received, collect a database of potential buyers, identify their needs and form a marketing strategy.

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Interaction management. There is storage and quick access to information about customers, their contacts, purchase history, correspondence and conversation records.

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Service management. All issues related to obtaining from the buyer the necessary information about the parameters of the order, organizing delivery, payment, handling claims can also be automated thanks to the implementation of CRM.

Analysis and reporting. It is much easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales department, based on the graphics, charts and summaries provided by the system. The visibility and relevance of this data is a key advantage of CRM. The information obtained serves as the basis for conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of the company and for making adjustments to its activities.

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Integration. Combining a CRM system with telephony, social networks, SMS notifications, e-mail provides businesses with new opportunities to improve the efficiency of working with customers and suppliers.

So what are the benefits of CRM systems?

  1. Increasing customer service time

To determine this advantage, look at the number of calls a sales manager makes per day or the number of hours spent in direct contact with existing customers.

  1. Timely informing existing and potential customers

To determine this benefit of implementing CRM, measure the number of days between the date the customer was contacted and the date the customer was sent the required information.

  1. Increase in overall business results

For example, you can set up a competition system between sales managers based on CRM. Record the percentage increase in revenue compared to the entire sales department per month.

  1. Reduced time to close a deal

Determine the speed with which new requests from customers are brought to a specific result in the form of a sale.

Determine the speed with which new requests from customers are brought to a specific result in the form of a sale. You must know:

1. Is it worth highlighting the funnel?

2. A specific measurable metric for future sales planning

  1. Advanced marketing and promotion

CRM eCommerce integration offers store owners a centralized repository of data about their customers. It improves all marketing activities, from planning to targeting and execution. When your customers receive highly personalized email marketing, the kind of marketing that is only possible with a CRM, it will have a direct impact on your online store's revenue.

  1. Increased employee motivation and satisfaction

This benefit can be measured by getting feedback from employees using CRM. Also, you can look at the turnover rates of staff who use CRM in their work.

  1. Strengthening the company's image

Automation plays an important role in creating a positive image of the company in the market. To see how this advantage affects the business, record how existing and potential customers react to the sales process and marketing approaches.

We discussed the benefits of CRM above. But how to choose a CRM system? Before implementing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • For what purpose will CRM be used?
  • Does the system work equally well for all departments?
  • Does CRM easily integrate with the programs you already use?
  • How does the support service work?
  • How much does the system cost?

Which CRM systems can you trust?

Pay attention to these systems and choose the most optimal one according to the requirements of your company:


The eCommerce industry is a fickle market where staying relevant is a big challenge. Don't worry about the repercussions by implementing CRM software. You can gain a competitive edge in your industry. It's time to jump into faith.

Add CRM to your eCommerce store and see how your results will skyrocket.