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The world of eCommerce is constantly growing. Every week something new happens – product updates, new tools, industry events, knowledge sharing initiatives. Our mission is to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of eCommerce-related information by putting together this digest.

The articles range from tutorials, tools, and videos to events in Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Shopware, WooCommerce, Laravel, and WordPress. Click on the link to see what’s happening around the most popular eCommerce platforms.


10 Pro Tips to Prevent Hacker Attacks on Your eCommerce Website by Understanding eCommerce

Novice vs Experienced Developer - How do they compare? by Jonathan Hussey

Actionable Content Marketing Strategy For E-Commerce (+ Expert Opinions) by Krupali Gohil

Ecommerce Data Demystified: 5 Insights for Success | #218 Feifan Wang by Shopify Marketing Podcast - Ecommerce Coffee Break

The Future of the Internet & AI | #219 Jared Mintzlaff by Shopify Marketing Podcast - Ecommerce Coffee Break

Magento 2

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko

New Mage Mastery Website by Max Pronko

New Video Release: August Channel Update by Max Pronko  

Meet Magento NYC on Oct 10 - Oct 11, 2023

Meet Magento Netherlands in Amsterdam on Nov 02, 2023

Meet Magento Florida on Jan 31 - Feb 01, 2024

Elevate your catalog with Best Magento 2 Extensions! Part 3 by Anastasia Kushnir

Unleash efficiency with the Keep Admin Authorized module for your Magento 2 store by Mageside

Mastering Magento 2: Overcoming 13 e-Commerce challenges for a flourishing 2023 by Mageside

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How to Add Product Variants in Shopify? by Gaurav Jain

How To Sell Services On Shopify & Boost Client List? by Gaurav Jain

How to Create an Amazing Shopify FAQ Page (+ Templates & Best Practices) by Gaurav Jain

Shopify Metafields: How to Customize Your Shopify Store Like a Pro? by Gaurav Jain

Top 10 Shopify Web Development Companies in Canada by Gaurav Jain

Shopify Bulk Editor – How to Bulk Edit in Shopify & Save Time by Vishal Dave

How to Get Higher AOV Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

What is CJ Dropshipping Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Increase Your Shopify Margins by Ecom Masterclass

How to Add Free Trust Badges to Shopify Dawn Themes by Ecom Masterclass

Change Theme Wording and Labels Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Shopify Metaobjects Tutorial - What they are & ways to use them by Ed Codes


Generative Imagery by BigCommerce Developers

BigAI Hackathon Closeout Tips + What's Next by BigCommerce Developers


Shopware Community Digest July 23 by Marco Steinhäuser

Shopware B2B Components: amplifying flexibility in your B2B ecommerce by Vanessa Brauch

Innovating the B2B ecommerce Landscape: Why It Matters | Redlich & Diekmann meet Tech & Retail by Shopware

How To Import Product Properties To Shopware 6 by FireBear Studio

How to Filter Products In Shopware 6 Import & Export by FireBear Studio


Online Business Examples: How to Unlock Your Potential by Erika Ellacott

WooCommerce 8.0.2 Fix Release by Jonathan Sadowski

WooCommerce Blocks 10.9.0 Release Notes by Niels Lange

Store Editing Snaps: July 31 – August 11 by Daniel W. Robert

WooCommerce Blocks 10.9.1 Release Notes by Niels Lange

Cart and Checkout Blocks: Becoming the Default Experience by Raluca


Debugging Gateway Errors by Chris Fidao

Laravel Forge Introduces Zero Downtime Deployments with Envoyer Integration by Eric L. Barnes


Site Editor vs. Page Editor: Explore Customization Tools in Our Upcoming Webinar by Jerry B

The WordPress Site Editor Is More Powerful Than Ever by Jeremy Anderberg

WP20 – A Heartfelt Thanks by Dan Soschin

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