7 ways to increase funnel CTR in 2023

Encouraging a customer to click on an ad is essential for a marketer. What happens after the click? A series of critical marketing processes should be planned, effectively created, and implemented by specialists. All this is about a well-designed sales funnel, for which conversion marketing is responsible.

Statistically, 100% of marketers have heard of sales funnels, and 60% use them in their digital campaigns. But only 15% of specialists have an automated sales funnel that shows real efficiency. Why is this happening? In this article, we will look at seven effective ways to increase the CTR of a sales funnel with examples and expert advice.

What are sales funnels?

A sales funnel a multi-stage digital marketing tool for stimulating a consumer to perform a targeted action (purchase). From the client's point of view, the sales funnel is a roadmap along which the consumer moves toward achieving the goal (getting the benefit).

A feature of various sales funnels is the ability to track user behavior at each stage of communication to optimize marketing campaigns constantly. For this, multiple services are used, for example, Google Analytics. We will discuss advanced tasks, purchase stages, and types of sales funnels further.

What tasks does a sales funnel solve?

A well-designed sales funnel solves the following tasks:

  • helps to identify and understand the problem of the client;
  • arouses interest in finding a ready-made solution;
  • provides suggestions for solving the problem;
  • stimulates action — purchase of the concrete offer.

The sales funnel created by the marketing department increases conversions and benefits customers. Now let's look at the main tasks in more detail.

Target audience sorting

The first touch of users with content from your marketing funnel is excellent at sorting users into targeted and non-targeted. The reaction to the content and further interaction (or lack thereof) of the audience with the brand weeds out unnecessary traffic and saves the advertising budget.

User Behavior Tracking

Digital marketing tasks can be skillfully automated by building and launching a sales funnel. Before moving on to the process of competently building and optimizing funnels, let's look at the crucial stages of the purchase that specialists should focus on.

Sales funnel stages

Increasing interest in brand products

As potential consumer moves down the sales funnel step by step, their interest in the brand's products increases. He already clearly understands the problem's existence and intends to take concrete actions to solve it. Appropriate content stimulates interest in your brand's products, highlighting its advantages over competitors.

Informing about selection options

Users who are in the pre-purchase phase love to choose. Here, a well-designed sales funnel will offer customers a choice. But not between you and your competitors but between your brand's different options (goods, products, tariffs).

Incentive to buy

When a potential client decides which ready-made solution from the brand will bring him the maximum benefit, he will be ready to purchase. Consumers often need additional incentives to do this - an active call to action, a personal consultation, a special offer, or a time limit.

Communication after the sale

You should not "dump" the client when he gave you money for the product. Be sure to continue the relationship. You can move the client to another funnel or continue communication in the same one. We'll talk about this later.

How to increase CTR funnel and what to look for

1. Carefully strategize

Once you've decided on your funnel goal, think strategically about what happens to the customer at each stage. Predict all the necessary processes to bring a person to your desired result. Based on this, build the settings of the funnel. Next, move on to content generation.

You must understand the strategy to know how a person moves through the funnel. Accordingly, you must understand how to work with it at different stages. Initially, DO NOT put yourself in the place of a potential client. First of all, imagine that you are an observer who sees the entire path from a third person.

2. Create Optional Entry Points

It was possible to sell directly in 2013. Although, even in those days, it was challenging. It was necessary to create an offer that was impossible to refuse for such an advertisement to work. Therefore, your funnel should contain optimal entry points. First, provide the user with free content. It can be a master class, a webinar, an article, a marathon, or a course. Anything to get a person's contacts (run him into the funnel) in exchange can be helpful information.

It is the first step in your interaction with the client. It is essential to be as frank with users as possible. Refrain from giving the illusion that your main goal is to share free content. Initially, let's understand to the person that you also have paid offers. In cases like a commodity business, this is obvious, but in educational projects, emphasis must be placed very carefully.

The entire funnel's success depends on the entry point's quality. Suppose the content that a person receives at the first touch does not live up to his expectations. In that case, it will be challenging to establish a high-quality and mutually beneficial relationship with him. Think about how to make the first touch as comfortable, convenient, and valuable for the client as possible.

3. Add Thank You Pages

The first critical stage has been completed - you have received contacts, which means that the person has entered the funnel. Hooray! But the work is just beginning. After the lead generation itself, many marketers immediately proceed to the next stage - messages in a chatbot or emails. But there is an intermediate step - a thank you page that helps:

Option 1. Partially recoup marketing costs. On the thank you page, you place an offer to buy an inexpensive product (up to $10) that solves a specific problem or an inevitable client pain. The purchase should be impulsive, so you need to pack the product on this page well, highlighting all its benefits.

Option 2. Take the audience to an additional channel.

4. Build long-term relationships with the target audience

To do this, carefully design emails and messages for chatbots that you will use to communicate with funnel subscribers. The standard "Hello, you are registered, thank you, see you soon" fully fulfills its function. But it would help if you had something more. Make communication unique and vibrant. Develop your Tone of voice for the funnel. Write in such a way that a person understands whose messages they are, by style, without even reading who the sender is. Significant brands are actively using this in their funnels.

5. Refine your sales pages

It is essential to highlight all the benefits of paid products on the selling pages. The effectiveness of the funnel depends on this. The conversion of the selling page affects how much money each $ invested in the promotion of the funnel brings you. When packaging a landing page, focus on three aspects:

  • Pain.
  • Logics.
  • Wish.

Stick to this order. First, let the person know that your product solves his acute pains completely. Then say there is no reason to refuse to buy a product because its purchase is now more logical than ever. And finally, create a desire to use this product by showing how other people do it or by demonstrating again what results from it gives.

6. Do quality segmentation

Regardless of the number of people in the database, divide it into smaller dot segments. This way, you can personalize offers and make them as relevant as possible. For example, for a clothing store, you can divide the audience by age and gender. For information products - according to crucial needs and compliance with the avatars of the target audience. For example, a survey is conducted at the entrance to the funnel or after several stages.

You can add triggers that actively affect a specific person by understanding who you are sending and making an offer. All this leads to increased conversions, and you increase sales by 5-10% by correctly segmenting the base.

7. Extend the life of the customer inside the funnel

It is much easier to sell to someone who has already bought something from you than to a new client. The horn should continue even when someone has already purchased the main product. Maintain long-term relationships. It allows:

  • Increase loyalty. The person will feel supported after the purchase.
  • Make repeat sales. When the subsequent product is ready, you will have a large base to make the first sales and earn good money from the start without additional investments.


Bookmark and use these seven tips to increase your funnel CTR in 2023. All directions work individually, but their integrated implementation will bring tangible results. Pay attention to every detail inside the funnel. There are no trifles here. Each stage and each touch affects the conversion and, accordingly, the profit.