12 Resources for Identifying Market Business Trends

Professional market research is like a magic crystal ball that predicts industry trends. Their practical analysis is crucial for any business. This information helps to open the full range of opportunities, choose the right direction for the company's development and take timely measures to adapt to these trends quickly. Some of these are spontaneous changes after a specific trigger, while others are repetitive and predictable. To make better strategic business decisions, we advise you to consult the market at least once every 6-12 months. To do this, consider a selection of resources that provide information with statistical and analytical data.

Research of international companies

Deloitte provides auditing, taxation, consulting, corporate finance, and risk management services in 150+ countries. On the resource, you can learn about trends, innovations, marketing, and strategies in the fields of retail and wholesale distribution, tourism, hotel business, energy, natural resources and mining industry, government, financial, and medical sectors, as well as technology, media, telecommunications, etc.

Kantar TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres, TNS) is a global data processing, analytics, and consulting company that explores more than 90 markets. TNS surveys enable businesses to understand what customers think and feel, how people make decisions and engage with content, and what grabs their attention. Thanks to this, you can create an effective and efficient business strategy.

McKinsey has been helping to understand strategic business management since 1926. On the resource, you can learn about case studies of global enterprises, market trends, and research in the following fields: agriculture, health care, financial sector, retail trade, aerospace industry, technology, media, telecommunications, etc.

Global Web Index has been conducting marketing research for large enterprises in 40+ countries since 2009. The company has offices in London, New York, Athens, Prague, and Singapore. On the resource, you can find data on changing consumer trends on the Internet, expert reports, and infographics, updated weekly. The site also talks about case studies of companies, for example, how to increase efficiency, double profits, increase the number of customers, or shorten the work period.

Nielsen analyzes and provides information on product demand in more than 55 markets so you can provide your customers with more relevant products and services. With research data, you can learn about your audience, invest in promising areas, and increase your ROI by understanding how marketing and advertising affect your audience at each engagement stage.

The online edition of current business news

Harvard Business Review (HBR) covers business management, leadership, strategy creation, team management, innovation, and work-life balance. The publication was founded in 1922 by the Harvard Business School. In the materials from HBR, you can find helpful ideas that will help in business development. Leading experts in management theory and practice share their advice.

Since 2007, Business Insider has been publishing marketing news and trends, discussing business and technology, people, companies, and ideas that are changing the world. Industries mentioned in the resource are finance, retail, advertising, medical, etc. The news site reaches an audience of 250 million readers. Today Insider Inc. has nine international editions published in 6 languages.

Resources with trends and statistics

Google Trends is a helpful analytics tool that tracks business seasonality and current requests from users of the Google platform anywhere in the world. The data is updated daily, and Google Trends shows the popularity of a query in a specific region over a particular time. The company has created 40 lessons for learning the basic functionality to facilitate resource use.

Google Dataset Search has more than 20 million data in its index. Designed for entrepreneurs of any company interested in statistics in a specific field and testing hypotheses and ideas. Searching in Google Dataset Search is almost no different from a regular query, but finding the information you need is much easier. Google Dataset Search provides data from trusted websites, so you can access information from various government resources, including public financial reports and statistics, that you can use for research.

Trendwatching is a resource that publishes trend observations, reviews, and research. The company aims to inspire entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing access to widespread annual consumer trends reports (in PDF and PowerPoint format). It helps to explore changes and innovations in specific industries. The site covers 15 sectors: food, healthcare, transportation, and technology.

Statista is a global online statistics resource that provides quantitative and factual information. It aggregates statistical data on more than 80,000 topics using more than 22,000 sources. The platform's content is available in English, German, French, and Spanish. Statista publishes the opinions of specialized experts with their forecasts by country and industry.
Hootsuite is a social media management platform. Case studies and valuable articles are regularly published, as well as the results of a survey of marketers on global trends in social networks every year. The platform tracks how people use social media. It can help companies get deeper analytics to understand consumer needs and interests, more effectively reach their customers on different resources, and improve their service.