What is Google My Business, and how to use it?

What is the first thing you do if you want to know the address of a store, check the opening hours of a beauty salon, or look at a restaurant menu? That's right - look for information on Google.

Presence in search engines and services is no longer just an advantage but a critical necessity for any business. Therefore, it is essential not only to create a website for the company but also to register it in online directories.

One of the most famous online directories is Google My Business. This service makes your business more visible in local search results and provides users with important information about the company - address, rating, reviews, and more.

This article will show you how to add a company to Google My Business, verify data, and optimize your business page.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an online service where you can create a business profile and add your address, contacts, business hours, website link, and other important information.

Having a company listed in Google My Business is essential for two reasons:

Show business on Google Maps. For example, you opened a pizzeria. The easiest way to attract customers is to place outdoor advertising or advertising on the Internet. However, people often type "pizza" into Google Maps and visit the nearest place with good reviews and beautiful photos of food. A company profile on Google My Business will help you attract these occasional customers and increase your sales.

Better indexing in local search queries. According to the study, local search accounts for 46% of all searches on Google, and 88% of users looking for local businesses try to contact them within the next 24 hours. Since Google My Business makes a company more visible in local search, it can significantly boost traffic and conversions.

Google My Business is completely free. The only condition is that part of the company's operations must be offline. Having a physical store or another facility is not necessary - it is enough to work from home or make deliveries.

How to create an account on Google My Business

1. Sign in

Go to the Google My Business home page and click Get Started. Make sure to enter your business email and not your email.

2. Add a company name

When you start typing a company name, you'll see a drop-down list of brands with a similar name. This way, you can understand if the company exists in the Google My Business database or if you need to create a profile from scratch.

3. Select a category

Categories help Google identify your target audience, so be sure to be as specific as possible.

4. Add a location

Add the address of the store or office if you have one. Also, indicate the area of ​​delivery or service, if relevant to your business.

5. Add a website

Enter your site name and domain so users can find relevant information about your business or purchase your products and services online. In addition, add a work phone number to make it easier for customers to contact you.

6. Confirm the data

To run a business online and be listed in Google search results, you must verify that you are the company owner. Here's how.

How to Verify Your Business on Google My Business

By regular mail. The most common confirmation method is a postcard with a code, which arrives at your actual address within two weeks. Do not edit your company profile while waiting, as this may slow down the verification process.

Phone: Your work number receives an automatic message with a code. This option is not available for every company.

Email. The code is sent to your work email; all you need to do is open the letter and click the "confirm" button. This option is also not available for every company.

Instant confirmation. The data will be confirmed if you have verified the company in Google Search Console.

Bulk confirmation. Available for businesses with ten or more addresses. The bulk confirmation process can take up to a week.

How to optimize a page in Google My Business

Business page optimization improves indexing and performance. You will not only raise the page to the top lines of relevant search queries but also increase the trust in the brand from potential customers.

1. Add relevant information

2. Upload a quality profile picture

3. Upload business photos

4. Add a video

5. Follow customer reviews

1. Add relevant information

In addition to the address, contact number, and website link, add more detailed information such as hours of operation, the year the company was founded, Wi-Fi availability in the store, and so on. To improve local SEO, analyze your keywords and add them to your text.

2. Upload a quality profile picture

The profile picture will be displayed when uploading new content and communicating with customers. The logo of the company will look professional.

3. Upload business photos

Let's go back to our pizzeria example. You can write a heartfelt text about the restaurant and attach a detailed menu - but as a result, customers will be captivated by a beautiful photo of Marinara pizza or a cozy terrace with neat tables. Therefore, ensure your profile contains high-quality images of both products and the store, restaurant, or office itself.

4. Add a video

Google allows you to upload videos for up to 30 seconds with a minimum resolution of 720p. You can shoot a store tour or a promotional video for a particular service. Unlike photos, videos are not a requirement for a company profile — but they can help you stand out from the competition.

5. Follow customer reviews

One of the best ways to motivate customers to send positive reviews is to respond to them. Thank you for your support, and please provide feedback on any questions you may have.

Also, don't ignore negative reviews. Respond to criticism in a professional and calm tone, and think about what you can take away from each negative comment.