Magento Certification: how to become a Magento Certified Developer in 2022

Magento 2, as a modern eCommerce platform, opens up new opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. Magento 2-based online stores have all the necessary features and can attract customer attention. There are over 250,000 active Magento stores on the web. This number does not seem to stop growing, as does the number of in-demand Magento 2 developers.

It's not easy to find good developers. It depends on the high competition among Magento 2 specialists. To solve this problem, Adobe, the company that acquired Magento technology in 2018, provides developers with a wide range of Magento 2 certification programs for different types of experts with different skill levels. They demonstrate all the skills and talents of developers that can be appreciated and officially recognized.

Typically, the Magento exam process is a set of 50-60 practice test questions. These tasks are for covering several aspects of Magento 2 development, such as

Note that the exam is in real time under the guidance of a proctor. Passing the exam requires careful preparation and hard work, as most questions involve pitfalls that not every developer has encountered.

However, the coveted badge, obtained after serious effort, opens up new horizons for developers and allows them to achieve their personal goals, overcome difficulties and become full members of the wider Magento community. In the next section, we'll cover all the details of being a certified Magento developer.

What does it mean to be a certified Magento developer?

As mentioned earlier, being a Magento Certified Developer means having recognized experience in Magento development from Adobe, a multinational software company committed to digitally changing the world. So why become certified?

- A deeper understanding of Magento 2. Magento is a complex engine that uses all of its features to deliver superior customer service and business management capabilities. By preparing for and passing the exam, you can identify all the gaps in Magento's development.

- Priority customer selection. Finding the right Magento developer is another challenge for picky clients who take full responsibility for their future projects—of course, being certified means showing official proof of knowledge and skills, which is a massive advantage over developers without a badge. In addition, this ensures the trust of your clients and your potential company in case you decide to be an employee rather than a freelancer.

- Decent income. Because you prove your high level of Magento development skills and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning, you are in a position to negotiate higher salaries and increase your earning potential regularly. Most clients will happily accept a higher cost if it comes with specialized training.

- Confidence. You will definitely increase your confidence when you verify your identity with Magento certificates. Trust in your business is one of the keys to success and further improvement.

- A place of honor in the community of professionals. By becoming certified in a recognized program, you can join the community of other certified Magento developers. This joining is an excellent opportunity to expand your professional network, use resources to share knowledge with various experts worldwide, and ask for advice when finding solutions to problems you may encounter along the way of Magento 2 development.

Why is certification so valuable to clients?

To reinforce the above, let's put ourselves in the client's shoes and better understand why certification is important to employers. Below are a few benefits customers expect from Magento Developers, preferably with credentials.

- Development of an individual site. Certified Magento developers have the knowledge to tailor Magento technology to the specific needs of a given business. Therefore, customers are more likely to hire Magento-certified developers to create a fully functional eCommerce solution loaded with the latest features and tools.

- Improved SEO. Another thing that customers appreciate is that working with a certified developer will provide more opportunities to create a cleaner user experience with an improved shopping experience. These factors go a long way towards empowering SEO and bringing your site to the top of the search engines.

- Save time and money. Business owners prioritizing quality over quantity also prioritize certification when selecting their candidates. Magento developers who boast an icon in their portfolio may find themselves able to work on complex codes, troubleshoot, and save much time for their clients. Time is money; therefore, by choosing certified professionals, clients can recoup their investment in the long term.

- Focus on more critical business operations. Reliability is one of the essential characteristics that employers look for in their service providers. By putting their projects in good hands, clients can put their business development tasks on autopilot and move on to more important business responsibilities, such as building their brand.

- Impeccable project development processes. Of course, perfection is a vague concept; however, clients expect a hassle-free project development process with timely results from their Magento developers. Certified Magento developers are more attractive to clients for this reason as well - they need to know how to adhere to industry standards and guarantee solutions with minimal errors.

How to pass it?

  1. Study English!

If you have mistrusted your English knowledge, take classes to learn and improve it. Exam questions, answers, and 90% of the preparation material available on the web resources are in English. Likewise, good language knowledge will facilitate the preparation process and boost your chances of passing the exam successfully.

2. Study guide from SwiftOtter

Great guide worth reading and learning. Pay attention to the links provided.

3. Practical tests from SwiftOtter.

SwiftOtter also supplies free and paid tests comparable to those you will see on the exam. Be sure to go via the accessible test version and produce, but this is optional.

4. Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Exam Question set book.

"Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Exam Question set" — a book with samples of exam inquiries you can find on а for only $9.99. This book is a fine collection of test tasks, but it has two drawbacks:

  1. You see the 1,2,3,4 option in the questions, but A, B, C, and D are in the list of correct answers.
  2. The answers to some of the questions in the book aren't right.
  3. Take the Magento 2 Associate Developer Exam Preparation course with Mage Mastery.

The exam preparation study group is for those who want to prepare for the Magento 2 Associate Developer exam. During the curated instructor-led exam preparation, you will understand the exam requirements and how to pass the exam successfully.

During ten weeks, you are going to have 10-15 lessons. You will learn Magento 2 back end and front end components.

You will have an opportunity to practice your knowledge with our hand-crafted exam quizzes, and they will help you understand your level and prepare for an exam.

Lessons are available on schedule. You will have an opportunity to ask questions in a private chat.

Every student will get access to a curator. In case of any questions or support, the curator will be happy to help and advise on the next steps.

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