Mage Mastery News #1

We are excited to share with you Mage Mastery news. In this series of blog posts, we would like to open a conversation about Mage Mastery changes and improvements. You may get information on what's happening on our side and how are we progressing with building the number one educational portal for web and e-commerce software engineers.

In this post, you will get information about the following:

  • a new backend portal for our Mage Mastery blog
  • Magento Tech Digest announcement.

Backend Portal for Blog

I am writing it from our new backend portal that we've recently integrated with our Mage Mastery website. We are super excited about this integration and happy to share it with you.

Before, all blog posts were located and stored in the source code of the Mage Mastery website. Every time, we wanted to write something, there is a whole deployment process should take place to get a new blog post up and running. Now, the integrated WordPress backend and Gatsby frontend allow us to deliver valuable content for you in no hustle.

Why WordPress you may ask?

Our content editors, are experts in using and writing content over WordPress and we want to minimise a learning curve and immediately jump into content production. Also, we want to focus on educational content creation rather than integrating a fancy new and modern CMS for backend. WordPress simply works and does a great job when it comes to content creation. I enjoy writing while I create this new post.

WordPress went far more than any other CMS on the market. Including the fact, than any other CMS would require a new Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD), learning how to add new SEO features, how to write, etc.

Magento Tech Digest

As you may be aware of the Magento Tech Digest, a weekly collection of technical resources about the Magento 2 platform. About 165 issues of the Magento Tech Digest ago, Max Pronko has started the idea of sharing and curating a list of interesting blogs, videos, etc. for the Magento Community. Today, we are happy to announce, that the Magento Tech Digest is moving to the Mage Mastery blog. We believe that the Mage Mastery blog is a great place for such valuable and community-trusted weekly posts.

The Magento Tech Digest #166 is the first one to be hosted on the Mage Mastery blog. Please welcome and enjoy the new collection curated by our Mage Mastery team.

Thank you for reading our first Mage Mastery News issue. Enjoy your day!