Join Magento 2 Workshop

While you are reading this post, another developer is registering for the Magento 2 Workshop and will soon be moving up the career ladder!

The workshop is for those who want to learn web development and start implementing fully functional Magento 2 extensions. During the workshop, you will have lots of practice, and theory which will help you to start building Magento 2 stores in a short time.

⚡️ During 4 weeks, you are going to have 60 lessons. You will learn Magento 2 back end and front end components.

⚡️ Lessons are available on schedule. To move to the next lesson, you will need to do the homework and pass the review.

⚡️ Each lesson includes tasks and homework that you need to complete and provide for review. You will have enough time to work at your own pace and learn Magento 2.

⚡️ Every student will get access to a curator. In case of any questions or support, the curator will be happy to help and advise on the next steps.

Interested in?