How to start your IT career in 3 steps?

The career of an IT specialist attracts many. Experienced programmers, software quality control engineers, and IT managers earn 3-5 times more than people from other fields with the same experience. Representatives of these professions often have the opportunity to work remotely. Communicate with clients from Europe and the USA, and receive a generous reward for your work.

Start to learn IT before you start to find a job. An option like “I couldn't sleep for a long time yesterday, so tomorrow I will conquer new peaks” doesn’t work. So, catch 4 tips for your beginning. 

How to start studying in IT

Step 1. Find a mentor with the right specialization

If there is a familiar programmer who is ready to devote time to teaching a beginner the basics of programming, then the most difficult moment of entering the profession can be considered passed.

The disadvantage of learning with a mentor is that not everyone has advanced developer with enough free time to work with beginners.

Step 2. Try to read and practice by yourself

Self-taught beginners are well-motivated people with a developed skill of obtaining new information. There are many open sources of information on the Internet: YouTube videos, articles, programmer forums, paid and free books.

There are also a lot of freelance exchanges with simple orders for programmers, web designers and novice testers. If you want to become a programmer from scratch, you can study everything and even try to fulfill simple orders.

The disadvantage of self-study is its non-systematic nature. It is not clear to a beginner what exactly and in what sequence he needs to learn to master a new IT specialty for him.

Step 3. Sign up for courses

The big advantage of learning in IT is that it can be remote and effective simultaneously. A beginner does not have to sit next to a teacher to understand the subject: he can watch videos, read articles and participate in webinars from home. The teacher will remotely check homework, correct mistakes and tell you what skills should be improved to improve in the profession.

How to choose the right course? Begin with Mage Mastery! Especially Magento 2 course for beginners. There you can try to be Magento 2 developer, watch basic tutorials and gain invaluable experience for free!

How to choose an IT specialization from scratch

If it is not yet clear where to start your IT career, we advise you to ask the companies in your city what technologies they need for projects and start from demand. It is usually difficult for beginners to find customers abroad, so for starters, you should pay attention to companies in your city.

Ease of entry into the technology also matters. If you don't have much time to learn PHP or Javascript – and learning these programming languages ​​takes a year on average - you can try your hand at HTML, CSS, or WordPress. IT professionals who are familiar with simple and popular technologies are not paid as well as Java developers, but it will take from two months to six months to study them, and you will already have real tools in your hands to start a career.

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