How to create User Login with PHP and MySQL?

User registration is an essential function that an online store should have. Registered users can track their purchases, receive special offers, and communicate with the support team. It is just a small list of the features that registration implies.

Therefore, we have prepared a free course on building User Login with PHP and MySQL. 

The course shows how to build User login and logout functionality with PHP and MySQL. In the study, we will learn all the essential basics of working with PHP sessions to preserve user authentication. After the course, you will be familiar with the PDO MySQL driver and PDO classes that can be used for working with the MySQL database.

In the course, you will learn: 

  • How to create an HTML form for a user login operation?
  • How to connect to MySQL from a command line interface (CLI)?
  • How to create a MySQL database?
  • How to create a table in a MySQL database?
  • What is DSN?
  • How to connect to a MySQL database via PDO class?
  • How to authenticate the user in PHP?
  • How to work with the $_SESSION array in PHP and set the required user data?
  • How do logout users and current close sessions in PHP?

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