How to choose mobile theme for eCommerce platform?

On what eCommerce website you’ll buy goods rather? Definitely with a beautiful and eye-catching theme, especially with a high-quality platform like Magento (Adobe Commerce).

What’s the mobile theme?

Magento 2 helps business owners create fast and stunning online stores. The platform works like a content management system so you can design a store using pre-made themes, combining differently crafted templates, layouts, styles, and images.

Choose mobile themes easy with the checklist

1. Convenient view

The most important aspect of the theme is the design. A beautiful theme can leave an indelible impression on us. A website with a such theme always shows the skill of the owner.

2. User-friendliness

Customers will need an internal navigation interface to help them find what you need when they visit your site. For example, return to the top button, and search bar. Most customers hate spending time on the internet, not shopping.

3. SEO-friendly

Magento SEO provides useful features, so don't be afraid to get Google's attention. However, the level of your site depends on how you build your codes and connections. Doing so will help you increase your traffic and generate more income.

4. High speed

An eCommerce website load rate is an important factor in the solution of the user: stay or exit. A Google search found that 53% of users who took more than 3 seconds to download did not return to the page. So you have to choose a lightweight theme, otherwise, it will slow down the loading speed of this page.

6. Device-friendly

Remember that users have different devices, such as phones, tablets, and computers, display different websites.

Customers can use a variety of devices to purchase, such as a tablet, smartphones, or laptops. Each device theme should be optimized. Most of the Magento features this feature, so there will be no difficulties.

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7. SM integration

Social media plays an important role in uniting people around the world. For shop owners is important to choose a theme with built-in social media features. You can easily share promotional offers, updates, and new information about new products through various channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help your customers stay in touch.

Also, you can get immediate feedback on new products or services and respond to customers' requests. Identifying and branding your brands makes it easier and you can grow your business.

What are the best mobile themes?

  1. Market

The market is one of the most popular mobile themes for Magento 2 stores. Also, if you have multiple-category stores with numerous brands and product items, Market is your choice. It can be stores of the online marketplace, supermarkets, digital websites,s or hi-tech, even fashion, and cosmetic shops.

The market has next features:

  • 23+ Magento homepage layout
  • 7 products displaying styles
  • Totally responsive for computer and mobile
  • Customizable mega menu and CSS menu
  • Included modules like Add to Cart, Add to Compare, Add to Wishlist

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  1. Porto

Porto is another popular platform that is built for websites with numerous goods, for example, fashion, clothes, etc. The theme supports both classic and modern designs with light and dark layouts.

There are next features:

  • 20 Homepage Layouts having Full-Screen mode
  • Ability for adaptivity
  • Perform excellently in any resolutions with beautiful layouts
  • Customizable all designs
  • Optimized for SEO

  1. Infinit

This template is well designed for multiple purposes such as selling baby items, fashion, food, supermarket or technology, and others. The theme is flexible and customizable. You can change the colors and layout of multiple design topics whenever you want.

The template has these features:

  • Optimized for mobile layout
  • Multiple layouts and setting options for category/product page
  • Drag and Drop Mega menu
  • Support Visual page builder
  • Easy import demos/designs

  1. Claue

Claue is usuallythe top-selling in the Themeforest marketplace. This is strongly recommended for fashion shops, jewelry, furniture, Instagram shops, and any Magento 2 stores that want to feature products with stunning images on shoppers’ mobile devices.

So, the template has next features:

  • Highly responsive and mobile optimization
  • Configure the webpage right at frontend
  • Support Product attribute swatches
  • Integrate Instagram shop
  • Auto-added Sale-off page

Analyzing mobile themes that suit your store is not easy, so you need to consider every aspect of a theme must-have. A convenient template will bring a better experience to customers which will build loyalty to your brand. It also improves your site loading speed as well as optimizes your product appearance.

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