How to Become a Magento 2 Developer

The popularity of Magento 2 is constantly growing. There are many new online stores written on this wonderful engine.

How to become a Magento 2 developer

One of the first steps in e-commerce is choosing an engine for a future site. This choice is usually based on the needs of the entrepreneur, and they are all different. Magento 2 is a great platform for an online store. Set a clear goal and schedule. Determine what skills and technologies you want to learn for a certain period. Magento 2 is like rocket science for the beginner. It’s one of the most difficult frameworks to learn.

Benefits of Magento. Creation and development of a store

Magento relies on giant brands such as Nike, Nestle, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. With a substantial quarter of eCommerce’s market share, it is also the preferred option for startups to create their first online store.

Here are the benefits new entrepreneurs are attracted to create their own Magento eCommerce website.

  • Manage multiple single-point stores
  • The platform Magento is the first of its kind eCommerce platform that allows store owners to have full control over multiple stores from a single dashboard.
  • Built-in automated marketing tools
  • Magento 2 allows store owners to integrate their marketing extensions to improve their sales. Third-party extensions can also be optimally integrated into storage.
  • Fast scalability
  • A platform is written in PHP, which is an easy-to-use programming language.
  • Compatibility with PHP 7
  • There are numerous PHP developers, this makes it easy to find a specialist for your first or existing online store.

The choice of a Magento 2 professional developer, who will be responsible for creating your business on the Internet is a determining factor in its success. If you want to run the store on a template and your hosting, then most likely you will not need programming skills.

Hence, for editing pages, and design changes, you may need some knowledge of HTML markup and CSS styles. You can add functionality to the engine using modules. Most modules are installed from the admin panel or files, and often everything works as it should.

However, there are situations when there is no necessary module, or it is required to change the principle of operation of a module or engine. In that case, you must have PHP programming skills.

Who needs to attend the Magento 2 development workshop?

Beginning PHP-developers, specialists who have little experience in developing in other programming languages or experience with CMS and E-Commerce systems. Even if you initially think that motivation is very subjective, it is a prominent aspect of the Magento developers’ work. Most employers will be able to determine if you are a motivated developer at the end of your interview. This is what you should keep in mind if you are interested in who the software developer is.

What will you learn from the Magento 2 development workshop?

Work with models, widgets, and APIs, understand the logic of other people’s code and modify existing ready-made solutions, and master the basic architecture of Magento 2 and you can create your modules and themes based on it. The courses are designed both for independent study and for taking a course with a mentor. When you purchase any of the formats, you get unlimited time access to all materials. 1. View video content online on your account. The student views video lessons at any convenient time. 1. Testing on the passed material. After each video watched, the student is tested for learned material. 1. Doing homework. After each lesson, the student is given a practical task for self-fulfillment. 1. Live communication with a mentor. Discussion of questions on the lesson, analysis of errors on homework.

It’s beneficial for the:

  • Employees of any profession who want to start working in IT, and earn well.
  • Students in the process of education, that have realized that their profession will not meet their ambitions.
  • Freelancers who already have certain skills, but they want more development and stability. Everyone can learn, regardless of age, gender, education and current profession.

It is unlikely that you will spend time on something that you dislike. Nevertheless, if programming is only your hobby, without clear goals or a schedule, you will never build a career in this area. Besides, you will often encounter obstacles and sophistication. In such cases, it is important not to lose interest. You must be committed to your goal. Yes, I’m sure that all developers are interested in coding and technologies. However, you will not go far only with the daydream.

In Magento 2, if something went catawampus, you cannot imagine whether it happened because of your fault in a completely non-intuitive admin panel, or you made a mistake in PHP code, JS code, or XML file. You might think that it could be true if you chose to study Magento 2 for your career, but what if you just want to make one website with it? Do you need a lot of effort by studying it?

If you are creating one project, go through all the steps from the installation documentation, research several resources to find good topics and extensions and if you have any problems, then look for solutions on the Internet. And that’s all you need.

However, if you have chosen it for a professional career, then you’ll need to dig deeper. You need to be educated in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, and XML. Then, you should have the prowess of the Zend framework on which Magento 2 is built. Let’s have a closer look at the Magento 2 developer annual salaries:

Developer's Level Annual Salary
Junior $68,000
Middle $117,000
Senior $140,000
Architect $160,000

If you are an experienced developer, the financial reward will be a cherry on top. Furthermore, you should know why this is such a popular career path, and that it will be relevant in the offing. This ensures safe work and shows that there are no restrictions on how far you can go with your skills. If you are a creative person who likes to program, you should spend some time studying this profession.

This is not a candy for a baby, but, as you already understood, the rewards are certainly worth it. So, if you are thinking about choosing a career path of a Magento 2 developer, and you have not yet begun, the best time to start is now.

Choose a course and start learning!