Four best services for the traffic checking

Evaluating site traffic helps you understand how successful it is, its audience, which traffic flows have more users, and so on. If you track the dynamics of this indicator, you will immediately catch some problems, and you will be able to take action quickly. It tells how it affects site traffic and how to do it using various tools.

Why is the likelihood of site verification

Site traffic is primarily the number of users who visited the site during the acute period. It is helpful to supplement these statistics with information about traffic sources, their organic and paid parts, request requests, popular pages, session characteristics, and their presentation. It is essential to have the dynamics of indicators.

Website traffic and popularity data

It is necessary to check the site traffic to know about the many resources, to view the volumes of organic and paid collection, and its sources. Tracking the dynamics, you understand the reason for the increase or decrease in coverage and expectations. Traffic source analysis shows which channels generate the most visitors and conversions.

Characteristics and behavior of the target audience

Knowing your shoot's characteristics is essential to build a vital marketing strategy. If you can track user behavior on the site, you can understand what makes them stay on the page or leave it and why a potential customer refuses to purchase. To better understand the target audience, with the environment portraits of customers.

Comparison with resource consumption

Practical site attendance by members. Based on this information, you can assess your potential position. If a competitor incorporates some innovations, changing consumer activity can lead to the success or failure of various experiments. If there are tools for analyzing other people's words and advertising attacks, you can use this data to analyze the results of SEO and contextual marketing at home.

The practicality of cooperation

It's essential to know your traffic metrics when you plan to buy ads on a site or think about linking to it.

How to check website traffic

Various services are possible for detecting site traffic with a feel and feel. It is helpful to use several at once to get more accurate information and comprehensive functionality.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool for analyzing website traffic and user behavior and predicting future results.

To collect data, you need to install a counter on the website.

Pros. The tool is shareware; you will have to pay only if the views are more than 10 million pages per month. Overall functionality and real-time reporting. The ability to compare the performance of your online resource with general statistics in the selected category. Some tips will help you notice the problem in time. You can view on-site loading speed and page popularity data, set goals, and monitor their achievement.

Audience cohort analysis was available. It is convenient to segment by many parameters—detailed information on conversions and customer retention rates. The Total Value report allows you to determine the value of users from different traffic channels—the possibility of integration with various tools.

Cons. Although Google Analytics allows you to see the available report in real-time, the information on the detailed reports arrives late. An error is possible due to sampling - processing a separate sample from a standard data array. This feature helps to offload the system and speed up the process, but at the expense of this, accuracy can be significantly reduced. When using Google Analytics, sampling occurs when processing 500 thousand sessions, sometimes even less.


SimilarWeb is a paid tool for complex website analysis, including a competitive one. Shows:

  • site rating;
  • the number of visitors;
  • duration on the page and bounces;
  • traffic sources;
  • share of different countries in traffic;
  • search queries;
  • audience interests;
  • demographic data;
  • user behavior;
  • information about advertising campaigns.

The service selects competing sites and provides a comparative analysis. Several plans differ in the number of site checks, pages, keywords, and ad creatives — there are no limits on the Ultimate goal—historical data available: 12+ months for Ultimate and three months for others. Also, for the maximum tariff, you can view data by countries and clusters, and for the rest - only around the world.

Pros. Lots of opportunities to compare with competitors. Detailed information about where visitors come from and where they go from the site. Keyword data are broken down into paid and organic. The service helps to determine practical ad formats and their content based on competitors.

Cons. The price is a minimum of $208 per month when billed annually. There may be an error in the results. It only sometimes calculates statistics for low attendance, up to 800-1000 visits per day.


Alexa service allows you to determine website traffic and improve search results. There are tools for analyzing the audience, keywords, backlinks, and traffic; you can compare them with significant competitors. There is an Alexa Ranking based on information about the traffic of different websites.

Alexa collects information through the Alexa Toolbar plugin and numerous browser extensions from other companies with which it partners. To make the data from the site more accurate, you can embed the Alexa Certify code.

Pros. Lots of tools to improve SEO, SEM, and contextual marketing results. Two-week free trial period.

Cons. Inaccuracy. Alexa may only collect statistics for some sites, and it extrapolates the results of the analysis of the available information to the rest of the web resources. As a result, errors are inevitable - the younger and smaller the site, the more of them.

The product is paid: $149 per month after the end of the trial period. If your main goal is traffic analysis, it makes more sense to look at other services. But this is a good option if you need to improve SEO results and contextual advertising.


Semrush is a service with a large set of marketing tools. It allows you to conduct SEO audits, select keywords, track and improve site positions and offers many other features. With SemRush, you can get dynamic data on organic and paid traffic, and its distribution by country, compare statistics with competitors, and use this data to improve your strategy.

Pros. Many opportunities for complex site analysis. There is a free plan.
Cons. Not suitable for collecting statistics on small sites with low traffic. Limited features on the free plan and the minimum paid plan may need more.