eCommerce Digest #58

Welcome to the eCommerce Digest, where we bring you the latest insights and trends in eCommerce. In this edition, we have a variety of articles covering different topics, from strategies to attract repeat customers to the benefits of cloud computing for eCommerce. We also delve into the importance of SEO for your storefront and provide valuable tips for startups to build their brand. Lastly, we explore the advantages that eCommerce can offer to entrepreneurs. So, whether you're a seasoned eCommerce professional or just starting, we've got something for everyone. Let's dive in!


Google PageSpeed Insights: how to conduct a website speed audit by Max Pronko

Improve your online store's performance with Cache Warmer extension by Max Pronko

7 ways to increase funnel CTR in 2023 by Anna Kosheva

Mobile Vs. Desktop Ecommerce And How To Improve Conversion Rates by Gaurav Jain

Revolutionising eCommerce: The Future is Here! by Jonathan Hussey

9 ways to attract repeat customers for your ecommerce by ExpertRec

Do You Need a Website? by Growth Coach

Trends from a Survey of 1000+ Content Marketers by eCommerce FAQs

4 Ways Cloud Computing Affects eCommerce by eCommerce FAQs

SEO Components Every Optimized Storefront Needs by eCommerce FAQs

Building an Outstanding Real Estate Website by eCommerce FAQs

Hosted vs Self-Hosted eCommerce: Which is Right for You? by eCommerce FAQs

5 Strategies Startups Can Use To Build Brand by eCommerce FAQs

SEO and Marketing Automation Tools by eCommerce FAQs

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building an Email List that Makes Money by eCommerce FAQs

Benefits of eCommerce for Entrepreneurs by eCommerce FAQs

SEO Case Study: Playbox India – Wooden Toy Store, India by Gaurav Jain

Git: Pull remote branch from someone else’s Fork by Mukesh Chapagain

How To Increase E-commerce Traffic & Get More Leads by Daria Diachenko

The Importance of SEO for eCcommerce Websites: Strategies for Optimizing Your Online Store by Milople

Local SEO in 2023: Best Practices to Improve Your Local Search Rankings and Connect with Nearby Customers by Milople

Saptarshi Nath : Data Simplified: Using Automation to Empower Non-Technical Merchants | EP164 by Ecommerce Coffee Break: A Shopify Growth Podcast

Nisarg Shah : Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing: 5 Tips to Make It Work for You Today | EP165 by Ecommerce Coffee Break: A Shopify Growth Podcast

Claus Lauter : Eliminating Time Bandits and Energy Empires for Ecommerce Growth | Bonus Episode by Ecommerce Coffee Break: A Shopify Growth Podcast

How To Create an Ecommerce Store in 20 Minutes (2023) by The Social Guide

How To Add A Payment Gateway To Your Website by The Social Guide

How To Promote Affiliate Links In 2023 (Smart Way) by The Social Guide

Magento 2

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko

Magento 2 Associate Developer Exam Preparation by Max Pronko

Magento 2 Blog - Free Course for Developers by Max Pronko

Optimizing Magento performance: 10 ways to increase your store sales by Anna Kosheva

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24 Profitable Side Hustles that Require Your Phone Only by Learn With Shopify

Build a Custom Discount app with Shopify Admin API by The Hacker Panther

The Shopify Store Hole and How to Get Out by The Masked Marketer

Shopify Inventory Pick, Pack Place by Jody Edgar - The Shopify Expert

How The Pagefly App Integrates with Shopify To Build Better E-Commerce Websites by Dragonfly Ave

9 Examples of Successful Entrepreneurs Across Industries by Shopify Staff

Revolutionise Your Online Store with Facebook Shopping on Shopify by Jonathan Hussey

Revolutionize Your Shopify Sales with Facebook Marketing! by Jonathan Hussey

Revolutionise Your eCommerce: Shopify Checkout Explained by Jonathan Hussey

Set Up Facebook Sales Channel on Shopify: Ultimate Guide by Jonathan Hussey

Boost Your Sales: Add Shopify Buy Button on Facebook by Jonathan Hussey

Export Shopify to WooCommerce: Ultimate Guide by Jonathan Hussey

Expert Shopify Developers: Hire the Best for Your Online Store by Jonathan Hussey

Exchange Your Shopify Store: A Complete Guide to Selling on Shopify Exchange by Jonathan Hussey

How Shopify API Events Can Supercharge Your eCommerce Sales by Jonathan Hussey

Connect Etsy to Shopify & Manage Inventory in One Place! by Jonathan Hussey

Etsy vs Shopify: Which eCommerce Platform is Better for Your Business? by Jonathan Hussey

Top 5 Essential Apps for Shopify You Can't Afford to Miss by Jonathan Hussey

Maximise Your Reach: Embed Your Shopify Store in Your Website Now! by Jonathan Hussey

Unleashing the Best eCommerce Email Marketing Service for Shopify by Jonathan Hussey

Revolutionise Your Shopify Sales with Email Integration by Jonathan Hussey

Unleash the Power of Elementor for Shopify Success! by Jonathan Hussey

Revolutionize Your Sales with eCommerce for Electronics on Shopify by Jonathan Hussey

Boost Sales: Ecwid Shopify Integration Guide by Jonathan Hussey

Revamp Your Online Business with Shopify eCommerce Website Design by Jonathan Hussey

Boost Your Shopify Sales with eCommerce Tracking by Jonathan Hussey

Ecommerce Battle: Wix vs Shopify - Which One Wins? by Jonathan Hussey

Maximise Your Online Sales with Shopify eCommerce Platform by Jonathan Hussey

Shopify eCommerce Business: How to Buy and Succeed by Jonathan Hussey

Sell Ebooks on Shopify and Make Money Online by Jonathan Hussey

Sync eBay and Shopify like a Pro! by Jonathan Hussey

Revolutionise Your Shopify Store with Dynamics Integration by Jonathan Hussey

Boost Sales with Shopify Integration to Dynamics 365 by Jonathan Hussey

Mastering Dropshipping on Shopify: Top Websites and Tips by Jonathan Hussey

10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Online Store by Jonathan Hussey

Boost Your Sales with These Top 5 Shopify Dropshipping Sites by Jonathan Hussey

Buy Shopify Dropshipping Stores and Start Your Online Business Now by Jonathan Hussey

Discover the Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping Companies Guide! by Jonathan Hussey

Maximize Your Sales with Shopify Dropshipping App by Jonathan Hussey

How to Set Up Shopify Dropshipping in Minutes by Jonathan Hussey

Shopify Dropshippers: The Ultimate Guide by Jonathan Hussey

Start Drop Shipping on Shopify Today! by Jonathan Hussey

Dropshipping with Alibaba and Shopify: The Ultimate Guide  by Jonathan Hussey

Boost Your Shopify Sales: Drive Traffic Now! by Jonathan Hussey

Shopify Domain Shop: How to Find and Register Your Perfect Web Address by Jonathan Hussey

Discover the Best Shopify Domain Names by Jonathan Hussey

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Domain Name on Shopify - Don't Miss Out!  by Jonathan Hussey

How to Verify Domain in Facebook Business Manager With Shopify by HTML Method by Ecom Masterclass

Shopify SMS Consent - Easy Setup Guide by Ecom Masterclass

Tiktok Ad Shopify Tutorial by Ecom Masterclass

Repeat Revenue Shopify - 3 Key Strategies by Ecom Masterclass

Post Purchase Survey Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Set Up Google Analytics 4 Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Free Shopify SMS Marketing by Ecom Masterclass

Engage Customers With 10 Best SMS Marketing Apps For Shopify by Jane

Top 10 Best Shopify SEO Apps: Enhance Your Store’s Visibility by Jane

Top-rated Shopify Loyalty Apps To Increase Customer Retention by Neo Nguyen

Improve Your Sales With The Top 10 Shopify Email Marketing Apps by Jane

How to Test Shopify Payments [Quick Tutorial] by Vishal Dave

How To Create Metafields In Shopify (2023) by The Social Guide

How To Create Collections On Shopify 2023 (Step By Step) by The Social Guide

How To Create A Website With Shopify In 2023 by The Social Guide

How To Customize Your Shopify Website In 2023 by The Social Guide

How to set up Two-factor authentication || Shopify Help Center by Shopify Help Center


Composing the world (with Meghan Stabler - Bigcommerce) | The Commerce Composers by Deity

BigCommerce API | Lesson #22: How To Retrieve And Create Product Variant Option Value Using Postman by beehexa


Shopware 6 Migration: How the replatforming succeeded at Rösle by Shopware

AI-Powered Developer Docs @ your fingertips! by Sushma Nagabushana Gupta


Store Editing Roadmap Update – Q1 2023 by Pedro Pinto

WooCommerce 7.5.1 Fix Release by Jonathan Sadowski

WooCommerce 7.6 Beta 1 by Leif Singer

WooCommerce Blocks 9.8.1 and 9.8.2 Release Notes by Albert Juhé Lluveras

Critical Vulnerability Patched in WooCommerce Payments – What You Need to Know by Beau Lebens

How to Create a Promoted Listing after Integrating eBay with WooCommerce by Akshay Trivedi

How to Back Up and Restore WooCommerce by Kathryn Marr


Laravel 9: New Database Commands You Must Know by Bharat Desai

Convert Has Many Relationship To Has One - 2 New Things Added - New in Laravel 10.4.0 by Laratips

Laravel Migration: Timestamp or Datetime? by Laravel Daily

Laravel Array Helpers Every Developer Should Know About by Paul Redmond

Passwordless Authentication in Laravel by Steve McDougall

MySQL for Developers Course is Live by Paul Redmond

Laravel 10.4 Released by Paul Redmond

TypeScript Support Added to Laravel Breeze by Paul Redmond

Modelling Busines Processes in Laravel by Steve McDougall


How To Setup Instant Checkout For Instant Results With SureCart WordPress Ecommerce by SureCart

WordPress 6.2 Release Candidate 3 by Jonathan Pantani

Introducing the WordPress Developer Blog by Chloe Bringmann

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