E-commerce Digest #43

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The world of e-commerce is constantly growing. Every week something new happens – product updates, new tools, industry events, knowledge sharing initiatives. Our mission is to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of e-commerce-related information by putting together this digest.

The articles range from tutorials, tools, and videos to events in Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Shopware, WooCommerce, Laravel and WordPress. Click on the link to see what’s going on around the most popular e-commerce platforms.


7 Benefits of Headless Commerce Strategy for Your Business by Daria Diachenko

Internet marketing strategies for eCommerce Enthusiasts (14) by Online Courses

The eCommerce Market: Incredible Opportunities and Growth Analysis by Understanding eCommerce

10 Ways you can Scale your eCommerce Business by Understanding eCommerce

7 Things About Website Hosting You May Not Have Known by Paul Wheeler

Software Programs that Can Help Your Business Grow by Understanding eCommerce

How Important Is Content Length For SEO? by Understanding eCommerce

Business Tips: How To Boost Revenue With E-Commerce by Understanding eCommerce

Top Technologies to Consider while Revamping eCommerce App by Understanding eCommerce

What is PWA? Explaining the PWA Meaning & Why eCommerce Businesses Should Care by Olha Anurina

How to create Sitemaps for Ecommerce Website | Ecommerce Sitemap Tutorial |SEO Course | #83 by Umar Tazkeer

How to Setup UPI Payment Gateway in Ecommerce Website with ZERO Transaction Fees by EropusPay

Top 12 Best Free Social Media Management Tools 2023 by Thomas

Top 10 Biggest eCommerce Exits In The 21st Century by Thomas

Acquiring an online store: what it is and how it works by Mage Mastery

Productivity secret: how to stay concentrated by Mage Mastery


Magento 2 for Beginners by Max Pronko

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko

6 tips for performance optimization by Max Pronko

Magento 2 for Beginners | Adding Blog Pagination Support | Magento 2 Blog #14 by Max Pronko

Name for an online clothing store: how to choose, features, and recommendations by Max Pronko

How to create Form Buttons? by Anna Kosheva

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Shopify’s New ‘Search & Discovery’ App - Tutorial by Ed Codes - Shopify Tutorials

Shopify Niche Store Examples 2022 [5 Amazing Stores] by Ecom Masterclass 

Shopify Apps & Plugins to Increase Sales instantly 2022 by Ecom Masterclass

Shopify Link Building Techniques 2022 by Ecom Masterclass

Add Aliexpress Products To Shopify 2022 [Aliexpress to Shopify Migration] by Ecom  Masterclass

Best Form Builders For Shopify 2022 [Shopify Apps and Plugins] by Ecom Masterclass

What Is Shopify Liquid? [EXPLAINED] by Ecom Masterclass

Shopify Chrome Extensions 2022 [TOP 5 EXTENSIONS] by Ecom Masterclass

How to Change Shopify Store Name [2023] by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

HexaSync Demo | Sapo POS Shopify Integration - Product Sync by beehexa

HexaSync Demo | Sapo POS Shopify Integration - Sales Order Sync by beehexa

How to Market Online? Combining Shopify With Marketing, Selling Online | Adam Pearce, Blend Commerce by ProfileTree

Shopify Best Apps Klaviyo Email Marketing & SMS 170% Work by Shopify Trial et Tutorials

How To Become A Millionaire In 2023 by Learn With Shopify

Omnisend vs Shopify - Which Is The Better Email Marketing Software? by Sidehustle King

Easy Content Builder for Shopify (OS 2.0) by Posstack

How to Add/Manage Products and Collections from Shopify to your Swipecart App by Rentech Digital

How To Get Your Website To Rank No. 1 In Search Engines by Learn With Shopify

How to Automatically Connect Godaddy Domain to Shopify by tipswithpunch

Shopify Dropshipping: Unlocking The Secrets To Explosive Profits-Find out tools link in description by LearnEarn Academy

11 Ecommerce Checkout Best Practices: Improve the Checkout Experience and Increase Conversions by Elise Dopson

How To Start an S Corp: Set Up an S Corp in 10 Steps by Shopify Staff

S Corp Requirements: What to Know When Filing as an S Corp by Shopify Staff


The Best BigCommerce Apps for Product Sourcing by FireBear Studio

BigCommerce Multi-Location Inventory + Click & Collect by MyIntegrator by MyIntegrator

HexaSync Demo | Netsuite BigCommerce Integration - Product Sync by beehexa

HexaSync Demo | Netsuite BigCommerce Integration - Sales Order Sync by beehexa

How To Set Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking on BigCommerce with GTM by Andrey Kisselev

BigCommerce API | Lesson #16: How To Create, Update And Delete A Category Metafield by beehexa

Studio Mobile Updates, Channel Page Tabs, and Live Q&A | Creator Roundup by TeamYouTube by YouTube Creators

How to Add Testimonials Slider to Wix, Shopify and BigCommerce || Add Testimonials To Your Homepage by Fera.ai

BigCommerce Releases StagingPro to Help Enterprise Merchants and Agency Developers Accelerate Production-to-Market Cycles by BigCommerce


Release News: Customer specific prices & more in Shopware (EN) by Shopware

Best Upcoming Features of Shopware 6 by Icreative


WooCommerce 7.2 RC 2 by samuelseay

Store Editing Snaps: November 21 – December 2 by Daniel W. Robert

WooCommerce Blocks 9.1.0 Release Notes by senadir

WooCommerce 7.2 RC 1 by samuelseay

WooCommerce 7.1.1 Patch Release by Jonathan Sadowski

Complete Tax Settings in WooCommerce | Setup Taxes on Ecommerce Website | By GWiz Academy by GWiz Academy

Enable WooCommerce Multi-currency Systems for Your Online Store to Sell Globally by Tung Dao

What is an SSL Certificate? How to Get One for Your Online Store by Erika Ellacott


What is Middleware and How Does it Work in Laravel 8? by Bharat Desai

Eloquent API Calls by Steve McDougall

PhpStorm 2022.3 is released with a new UI, PHP 8.2 support, and more by Paul Redmond

PHP 8.2 is released with read-only classes, new stand-alone types, trait constants, and more by Paul Redmond

Laravel 9.43 Released by Paul Redmond

Neovim as a PHP and JavaScript IDE by Paul Redmond


How to Build a Website on WordPress in 2023 by Thomas

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