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Hey! Monday has already begun and everyone has one question: how to succeed in everything? Our new digest, namely this article, will help with this question!

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  • tips for writing a successful blog
  • choosing the right eCommerce platform
  • most common problems faced by startup eCommerce websites

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  • create a Page in Magento 2
  • how to auto update currency rates in Magento 2
  • how to update product stock programmatically in Magento 2.


Pronko Consulting Recognized as one of the Best E-Commerce Developers in Ireland by Clutch by Max Pronko

Pronko Consulting Is A 2021 Clutch Top B2B Company in Western Europe by Max Pronko

How to evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising? by Max Pronko

How to allow customers to pay in different currencies? by Max Pronko

6 tips to write a successful blog by Max Pronko

Is Microsoft Advertising right for your business? by Max Pronko

How to succeed in everything? by Max Pronko

Loyalty programs: how to increase conversion on special promotions by Max Pronko

7 tips to optimize user flow on a website by Max Pronko

Why do you need Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing by Max Pronko

Why must your business find Cache Warmer? by Max Pronko

Improve your marketing strategy with Google Analytics Enhances Ecommerce by Max Pronko

Increase your website traffic: top 5 architecture tips by Max Pronko

10 Checkout Page Design Tips that Lead to Conversions by Max Pronko

The main thing about Click-Through Rate: how to calculate, improve, and what CTR is good by Mage Mastery

Fireside Chat Achieving eCommerce Excellence by TechAlliance

Videos- An important SEO Ranking factor! by Kartik

The Known-Unknowns Matrix In Ecommerce by Fairing

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform by Kensium

B2G Marketing: The Key to Unlocking Success in the Ecommerce World by Lo Faro

Bonus Episode: Refuting Your Email Alibis with Dave Rodenbaugh from Recapture by Honest Ecommerce

Most Common Problems Faced by Startup eCommerce Websites by Sellers Planet

How to grow an eCommerce brand by GoFounder

Growth in eCommerce with Lesley Hensell and Cameron Yoder by Riverbend Consulting

3 Tips For Protecting Customer Data by Understanding eCommerce

How to Reduce App Development Costs Without Sacrificing Quality by Understanding eCommerce

SEO for eCommerce by Understanding eCommerce

Will Social Media Become The Future of E-commerce by Yogesh Khasturi

Is Graham Stephan good at eCommerce? by Ecommerce Aholic

7 eCommerce UX Tips That Drive Sales by Gaurav Jain

Introducing: Rewards by Jonathan Hussey

Supply Chain Visibility: Definition and Importance by Kseniia Hrechyshkyna

A Complete Guide to E-commerce Logistics by Kseniia Hrechyshkyna

20 Inspiring eCommerce Website Examples to Learn From by Zoe

Top 10 Best B2B Ecommerce Platforms (Updated 2022) by Zoe

What Every Store Owner Must Know About Ecommerce Product Configurator by Zoe

Retain Customers In Retail: 7 Best Customer Retention Strategies by Dhiren Rock

Top B2B lead gen strategies by Adobe Communications Team

A Complete Blog Post SEO Checklist to Boost Rankings by Milople


Create a Page in Magento 2 by Mage Mastery

Who we are by Max Pronko

How to use Magento 2 PagSeguro Payment Method on your website? by Max Pronko

Magento 2.4.5 Pre-Release – Read What’s New Here by Dhara Tuvar

Community Monthly Update - July 2022 by Parul_Sinha

Magento Image Cache: How can we Save Gigabytes? by Folio3

Magento PWA: Features, Technical and Business Insights by Yuriy Kuzminov

Recap of Hyvä Meetup #4: Hyvä Roadmap and Magewire Checkout by Sonja Franz

How to Update Product Stock Programmatically in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to upgrade your Magento 2 store with 7 high-level modules by Mageside for free? by Anastasia Kushnir

Preventing Security Breaches – Talesh Seeparsan | Smash the Bug Podcast by SwiftOtter, Inc

Weekly Practice Test Answer July 28, 2022 by SwiftOtter, Inc

The Magento B2B Features List Store Owners Must Know by Zoe

Magento Commerce Cloud: Features, Pricing & More (Updated 2022) by Zoe

Magento vs OpenCart: A Full Analysis (Updated 2022) by Zoe

Magento 2 Robots.txt File Configuration by Nikita S.

How to Auto Update Currency Rates in Magento 2 by Jignesh Parmar


Shopify President on Building the World’s #1 Ecommerce Platform | Harley Finkelstein by Foundr Stories

Most Popular Shopify Store Design Apps by FireBear Studio

Most Popular Shopify Conversion Apps by FireBear Studio

Most Popular Shopify Marketing Apps by FireBear Studio

8 Shopify Apps That No Dropshipper Can Live Without by Ethan Dobbins

How to Make Money on Shopify | 10 Proven Ways For 2022 by Technical Chanal2

How To Delete Products From Shopify by Digitut Finance

Shopify Layoff 10% Of Workers | LinkedIn Job Search by Chris Norlund

Shopify Stock Looks Attractive Right Now by Kingdom Of Finance

Shopify Is In Big Trouble by Arie Scherson

Shopify laying off 10% of staff as explosive pandemic growth fizzles by Mazhar Mayo

Earnings Exchange looks at Shopify & Visa by CNBC Television

My Thoughts On [SHOP] Shopify Stock Crashing & 1,000 Lay Offs by Anton Kraly - Drop Ship Lifestyle

Shopify Stock Price Down Big Today | SHOP Stock Price Update by Jose Najarro Stocks

Shopify stock unravels on news of global layoffs by Yahoo Finance

Shopify to lay off 10% of global workforce by Yahoo Finance

Walmart Stock & Shopify Stock getting CRUSHED! Why? SHOP valuation analysis! by Unrivaled Investing

10% Off At Shopify (SHOP) | #shorts by TD Ameritrade Network

Shopify lays off 10% of staff amid slower sales by CBC News: The National

A Heartfelt Message From The Shopify CEO - Tobi Lutke by Arie Scherson

How Bad Were Shopify Earnings? | Here's What I'm Doing... $SHOP by Brian Feroldi

Is Shopify Going Out Of Business? by Alex Fedotoff

The Growth Strategy HVMN Used to Break Beyond Their Niche by Fadeke Adegbuyi

Shopify Shipping vs ShippingEasy: What should you use for your ecommerce store? by Ying Lin

Shopify Shipping vs. ShipStation: Which Is Right for You? by Amanda Gaid

What Is a Sales Invoice? A Guide to Creating Sales Invoices by Shopify Staff

New Jersey LLC: How to Start an LLC in New Jersey in 12 Steps by Shopify Staff

Cheapest Way to Ship a Package: Beginner's Guide by Emily Browne

How To Find the Right Supplier for Your Business by Shuang Esther Shan

While Supplies Last: 8 Scarcity Marketing Tactics to Boost Conversions by Michael Keenan

7 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps [2022] by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

10 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Shopify by Vishal Dave

Things to Consider Before Migrating to Shopify [2022] by Charmy Sanghavi

10 Shopify Interview Questions to Ask Developers [2022] by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

7 Lucrative and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas to Start This Year by Learn With Shopify

From Backpacker to Multimillionaire - The Compound Studio Journey with CEO Shane Vitaly Foran by Learn With Shopify

How to design your homepage by Shopify Help Center


Podium & BigCommerce Integration by Podium

CSM Setup: CSM for BigCommerce | Obtaining Credentials by Suite Engine

Vimotia - How to add video gallery on the website (BigCommerce) by Hextom Inc. Support

BigCommerce GROWs Key Connections in New York by Kelsey Daubner 

BIGTeam Spotlight: How Brett Regan Shifted from Sports to Ecommerce by Kelsey Daubner

BigCommerce Wins 22 Medals in 2022 Paradigm B2B Combine Midmarket and Enterprise Editions by Kelsey Daubner

BigCommerce Achieves SOC 1 and SOC 2 Compliance, Verifying Data Security Practices and Procedures by BigCommerce

BigCommerce Scores 22 Total Medals in 2022 Paradigm B2B Combine Midmarket and Enterprise Editions by BigCommerce


B2B ecommerce: four key aspects you should know by iWelt GmbH & Co. KG

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