E-commerce Digest #21

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Today we'll share with you:

  • TOP 10 things you probably didn't know about digital marketing
  • TOP 10 marketing strategies to stay on top
  • eCommerce in USA tips

Also catch Magento tutorials:

  • How to apply coupon code automatically in Magento 2?
  • How to convert layout XML content into array in Magento 2?
  • How to build a car dealership website in Magento?


7 tips to optimize user flow on a website by Mage Mastery

Will Ecommerce Multiples Come Down? by Acquiring Minds

How Much Does It Cost To Build Online Shopping App | Ecommerce App Development Cost | Code Brew Labs by Code Brew Labs - Best App Development Company

Top 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Digital Marketing by Understanding eCommerce

How is Brand Marketing done through Social Media and its Effects? by Understanding eCommerce

B2B eCommerce And User-Experience Design by Understanding eCommerce

Why You Need a Popup Builder for Your eCommerce Website by Understanding eCommerce

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies To Stay on Top in 2022 by Understanding eCommerce

2022 SEO Trends: Trends that will Impact your SEO Strategy by Understanding eCommerce

How To Configure Your Internet Service for the Best Performance by Understanding eCommerce

How to Increase Sales for Your Online Business by Understanding eCommerce

How to Run An eCommerce Business The Right Way by Understanding eCommerce

eCommerce in America in America According to Rick Watson - RW Consulting by Segmentify

Understanding & Optimizing Your eCommerce Supply Chain by Create Something With Onramp

Ecommerce - How to Create A Professional Online Store for Free by DigiTrybe | Learn - Create - Earn

StoreConnect - eCommerce 3.0 for SMB at Salesforce Days by StoreConnect

5 Reasons to Start an Ecommerce Business Today by Moroccan Speakers

How to Make an eCommerce Website with Ultimate Store Kit Step by Step by BdThemes Ltd

Develop Ecommerce Website Using PHP and MySQLi - One by TechBoy Coding

What is the Digital Marketing? by Understanding eCommerce

How MSPs can take Advantage of the eCommerce Trend by Understanding eCommerce

How PWA Implementation Impacts Businesses. PWA Case studies by Lena Vdovychenko

Web Scraping in e-Commerce: How to Scrape Data from any Website  by Gaurav Jain

Neuro-linguistic programming in ecommerce. Part 1 by Anastasia Kushnir

How To Run & Scale Your Shopify Store In A Recession With Google Ads (Ecommerce) by Shri Kanase

Picking your best eCommerce platform by Jonathan Hussey

Complete SEO Checklist For Launching a New Website by Milople


Magento Modular Architecture | Adobe Commerce Developer Certification by Max Pronko

Developing Blog for Magento 2.4 | Declarative Post Database Table by Max Pronko

Reasons to learn Magento 2 by Mage Mastery

Magento vs. Shopify: what to choose? by Mage Mastery

Verifying if a user exists in the database by Mage Mastery

5 FREE courses to begin your Magento 2 journey by Mage Mastery

How To Upgrade Magento 2.3.X to 2.4.4 Step By Step Guide For Beginners by Chandrakanta Malviya

Is Magento 2 Translation Extension a Must For Your Store? by Shreya Keshari

Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2 nulled (cracked, crack, free download) by FireBear Studio

How to Convert Layout XML Content into Array in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Apply Coupon Code Automatically in Magento 2 by Gaurav Jain

Laravel: How to Add Form Validation in the Request Controller Bharat Desai

Magento 2: Set Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart by Gaurav Jain

How to Add Product Review on Product Detail Page Programmatically in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Set Limit of Query Complexity and Depth of GraphQL in Magento 2 by Rohan Hapani

Magento is Now Adobe Commerce – All You Should Know by Folio3

What is Adobe Commerce Cloud? A Complete Guide by Folio3

Why World Famous Brands Choosing Magento by Anna Anatskaya

Part 1: Temporary Tables & Hidden Solutions – Igor Miniailo | Smash the Bug Podcast by SwiftOtter, Inc

Top 7 Best Request for Quote Extension for Magento 2 [Updated List 2022] by Yogesh Khasturi

Quote On Whatsapp For Magento 2 by Yogesh Khasturi

Headless Magento – Is It The Future of eCommerce? by Yogesh Khasturi

Why Adobe Commerce Cloud is the Right Choice for Your Business? by Folio3

How to Encode and Decode URL in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

Solutions: "Why" versus "How" - Igor Miniailo by SwiftOtter, Inc

How Much Does Adobe Commerce Cost? by Folio3

How To Build A Car Dealership Website In Magento? by Folio3

Magento Car Website Design: How to Create a Stunning Car Dealer Portal? by Folio3

Meet Magento UK '22 - Keynote sessions with Peter Bell & John Baxendale by G Dyer

Meet Magento UK '22 - Bringing power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to experiences with Adobe Sensei by G Dyer

Ultimate Guide On "Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store" Strategy In Retail (2022) by Dhiren Rock

11 Effective Strategies to Increase Magento Checkout Conversions by Adela Belin

Set up Magento 2 Configurable Swatches by Nikita S.

Display Products on Homepage in Magento 2 by Nikita S.

Magento 2 API – Create Order by Jignesh Parmar

Magento 2 API – Create Cart & Add Products to Cart by Jignesh Parmar

How to Set Up Magento 2 GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Using GTM by Jaydip Pancholi

Magento 2.3 End of Life [Everything You Need to Know] by Dhara Tuvar

Magento 2 API – Set Shipping & Billing Information by Jignesh Parmar

Magento 2 API – Create an Invoice by Jignesh Parmar

Magento 2 API – Create a Shipment by Jignesh Parmar

How Magento Mobile App Helps You Achieve eCommerce Success by Milople

How To Create a New Table Using Declarative Schema in Magento 2.3 by Milople

Best Magento 2 Hosting Providers by Milople


Copy Email To CC and BCC for transmitted email Plugin for Shopware 6 by Icreative

Shopware 6 Plugin: Cross-Selling and Up-Selling in the Cart | Increases Order Value by Icreative

Shopware App Contest 2021 – the app that took 1st place by Shopware


SAP Business One Integration with BigCommerce by FireBear Studio

9 Alternatives to BigCommerce for Your Online Store by SeedProd

Salesmate Review - CRM For Bigcommerce - Top Bigcommerce Apps by Educate, Demonstrate, Sell

BigCommerce API | Lesson #7: How To Create A Cart by Beehexa

How to Make Money With Bigcommerce as A Beginner (2022) by Money Strategist

2022 Global Ecommerce Report: Fashion and Apparel by Pablo Gallaga

4 Ways to Boost Your Average Order Value by XCover Go Team


Shopify Review: Good for Small Business Ecommerce by Capterra

Shopify Editions Release: 100+ New Products and Updates (Everything You Need To Know) by Bharat Desai

How to Build a Winning Shopify Digital Marketing Strategy by Explo Expert

Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment: A Complete Guide by Learn With Shopify

How NFTs are Transforming Shopify and Commerce | Alex Danco by Delphi Media

Multiply Your Money With Shopify Store - Ecommerce For Beginners by Marketing Tutorials

Episode 83: Chris Mercer (Shopify Strategies) by Ngagge

How to Create Online Store ? Step-by-Step Shopify Tutorial by TheBestFive

Shopify Aliexpress dropship tutorial by Shopify2.0

Shopify Editions | What’s new in 2022 by Shopify

Extending Shopify just got way easier | Editions 2022 by ShopifyDevs

Introducing Hydrogen & Oxygen - the Shopify stack for headless | Editions 2022 by ShopifyDevs

Shopify Dropshipping Live Facebook Ads Tips & Tricks With (The eCom King June 2022) by The eCom King

Top 6 types of Shopify Apps You SHOULD be using in 2022 by Flow Marketing

Shopify Editions 2022: New Shopify Features by CodingPhase

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping in 2022 (Step-by-Stap Walkthrough) by Nathan Nazareth

Shopify dropshipping tutorial 2022 by Shopify2.0

Shopify Marketing shopify Dropshipping tutorial for beginners 2022 by EcommPremium

Shopify is making HUGE moves… by Arie Scherson

5 Shopify Themes We Are Currently Loving For Clothing Stores by BitBranding

These New Shopify Updates are Crazy by Beast Of Ecom

How To Deploy A Shopify Hydrogen App To Oxygen Tutorial by CodingPhase

A More Powerful, Approachable Shopify Admin Experience by Justin Ianni

Create Powerful Promotions by Combining Multiple Discounts on One Order by Benj Burke

Turn Conversations into Conversions: Shopify Merchants Can Now Sell on Twitter by Allanah Faherty

Highlights from Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer by Tamara Franklin

How to Optimize your Search and Discovery Experience on Shopify by Shopify Staff

Marketing Analytics 101: How to review the effectiveness of your next marketing campaign by Richard Lazazzera

Best Shopify Merchant Community 2022 by Claus Lauter, the Shopify CRO guy

The best on-site and external search strategies for Shopify by Claus Lauter, the Shopify CRO guy

8 Steps to Prepare Your Online Business for Tax Time by Learn With Shopify

How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis for Your Business (Plus a Free Template) by Learn With Shopify

Shopify - Easily Change Any Text In Your Store Using Languages by Ed Codes - Shopify Tutorials

Shopify - Hiding the header or footer (or anything) on specific pages | Shopify Liquid Basics by Ed Codes - Shopify Tutorials

How to set up email forwarding for your Shopify domain || Shopify Help Center by Shopify Help Center

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