4 tips for SMS marketing to get more trust

SMS is one of the oldest ways to receive and send messages. Not everyone, who has a cellular phone has messengers such as Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp. But everyone, who has a phone can receive messages by SMS. It’s one of the most important benefits of this marketing channel.

What about other benefits?

Wide audience reach. Today, five billion people use mobile communications, so SMS marketing offers a large range of opportunities to interact with the audience. it's limited only by the amount of creativity of the corporate and therefore the list of phone numbers.

High engagement rate. People check their mobile phones up to 80 times a day, which is why SMS campaigns show a high open-rate.

Lots of opportunities for business development. Companies use SMS marketing to advertise their products and services, notify subscribers about new products and promotions, notify them of discounts and competitions, remind them of events, confirm passwords, send out news, and so on.

Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. Huge companies such as banks, travel agencies, airlines, and others use SMS marketing as a tool to communicate with a wide audience, while small businesses use it locally.

Instant contact with users. As a rule, SMS campaign delivery takes 3-6 seconds. The speed of message delivery is one amongst the elemental factors within the effectiveness of SMS marketing.

No bounce. Unlike email marketing, SMS marketing campaigns don't bounce. whether or not the mobile device is out of network coverage or turned off, the message are going to be delivered to users as soon because the phone is reconnected.

Works great in conjunction with other channels. SMS marketing is employed with email marketing and web push notifications. Experienced marketers combine these channels to attain their goals. Sometimes they found automatic SMS distribution to those users who haven't read the letter.

Does not require special skills. Creating SMS campaigns is simple - the full process takes not quite five minutes.

How do get trust from SMS?

Send customized messages

Send a customized text message to your existing subscriber list describing how your loyalty program works and the types of benefits they can receive as a member, such as a percentage of future purchases. By educating your SMS subscribers in this way, you can stimulate their loyalty and maximize membership growth. Create a list of customers and reward loyalty program members with points for becoming SMS subscribers - 76% of loyalty program members will want to communicate with their favorite brand via SMS.

Create welcome messages 

When an SMS subscriber first signs up for your loyalty program, use their preferred communication channel to instantly greet them and keep your program in the spotlight. These welcome messages are a great opportunity to share ways to earn points, special offers, and more about what makes your brand's loyalty program unique.

Offer order tracking in text

You can enable customers to receive order-related updates via text messages. This means they can receive instant notifications whenever their items are delivered or are waiting on their doorstep. When someone selects order updates, it does not necessarily mean that they have selected promotional texts. However, if you can prove that your texts are helpful and respectful, they may become more open to SMS marketing in the future.

Get targeted customers

Attracting customers is very easy and simple. Get the numbers that are on your regular contact list and give them the information to trust your product, service, or brand. One way to do this is to collect information through a request form. This is the way people themselves load numbers into your database. Clearly, when numbers are provided by users, trust is easy to establish. There is another important issue that will build trust. Customers need to know what benefits they will get by choosing the service or product you offer.

We talked about the nuances in the texts and the general planning of mailings. But what about the technical part of the question? Save tips.

Use the subscription form. Do not send SMS to users without their consent. This annoys people and can damage the brand's reputation.

Create short-term offers. Combine urgency and uniqueness. This is great for encouraging the audience to interact.

Personalize SMS campaigns to give your audience a better experience. Personalization is the key to building trusting relationships with customers.

Write creative SMS. The message should arouse interest and motivate action. Be brief, carefully consider each word.

Segment your audience. Segmentation allows you to create mailings for different user groups based on data such as gender, country of residence, level in the sales funnel, and so on.

Send SMS at a convenient time for users. You should not send messages during the height of working hours and at night. Set the best time for SMS sending for your customers to attract more audience.

What tools will be useful for SMS marketing?


Yotpo suggests text messaging tools built specifically for eCommerce brands that allow you to create advanced SMS flows, segment your texts, and manage 1:1 conversations.


Omnisend includes a library of ready-to-use workflows for cart abandonment text messages, birthday rewards, and more so you'll get your program up and running as soon as possible.


Salesmsg acts as a shared inbox for your team to manage outgoing and incoming text messages on the fly. Your messages stay organized in one place, and customers are guaranteed fast responses.

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