3 inspiring entrepreneur stories: how their ideas became online stores

Since the start of the covid, many offline businesses are forced to vary their strategy: either to go partially or completely online or to shut down. And, of course, global entrepreneurs have chosen the choice of developing and conquering eCommerce. Moreover, many startups appeared now. We've selected three interesting cases of online stores. Today, there are over 2 billion digital shoppers within the world, which suggests that online stores are expanding and might always be relevant. 

Flat Tummy Co is additionally a wellness startup that sells bloat-reducing teas, health supplements, and suppressant products. the corporate has been criticized for spreading purportedly toxic and harmful messages about dieting and body image to young women through social media and high-profile celebrity endorsements. Canadian healthcare and wonder company Synergy CHC Corp bought the corporate for $10M in 2015. This company inrcease on 200% within the past 5 years. 

Lunya makes modern sleepwear and loungewear for a female target audience. The company has grown to $25M in annual revenue. It was founded by entrepreneur Ashley Merrill after noticing how few appropriate sleep options were available for women. Also, to being the current CEO of Lunya and its brother brand Lahgo, Merrill serves as the board chairperson of the activewear company Outdoor Voices.

Hawkers is an eCommerce sunglasses brand founded in Spain by startup Saldum Ventures. Pitting itself against competitors like Oakley and Ray-Ban, the corporate relies on social media, word-of-mouth, and celebrity collaboration as its primary styles of marketing and promotion. Alejandro Betancourt, an early investor of the corporate and owner of investment management group O’Hara, invested an additional $23M in 2018 and gained greater control of the corporate.

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