Test Driven Development

It was an amazing time here at Meet Magento UK 2024. Thank you for your attention during my presentation "10 pitfalls of Test Driven Development for Magento Teams". The below is a collection of resources I believe can help you start your Test Driven Development journey.

Please enjoy the rest of Meet Magento UK and I hope to see you around.


Slides for the 10 pitfalls of Test-Driven Development for Magento Teams is available to download from Slideshare.net.

Further Recommendations

Source: amazon.co.uk

Test-Driven Development: By Example

Author: Kent Beck

One of the books I recommend to understand Test Driven Development. Kent Beck, the author of the Test-Driven Development By Example book, follows you throughout the book on how to build software using the TDD approach. I've read this book twice and highly recommend it to newcomers and experienced software engineers.

Adobe Commerce Official Documentation

Magento Testing Tutorials

The below is the collection of video tutorials, I recommend to watch to master your automated testing skills.

All you need to know about Unit Tests and Magento 2

Magento 2 API tests and how to write tests

Magento 2 Tests Types in detail

How to create Integration Tests in Magento 2

3 PHPUnit Features You Should Use for Unit Tests in Magento 2

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