How to report a bug in a software managing system

This lesson is dedicated to people who will report their first bug ticket in any software managing system. For example, we will show everything on one of the most popular software managing systems - JIRA.

We will skip a step with login into a system after the creation of the account for the specified email account.

It is what a new user should see the first time when he logs into the system.

All the positions for the elements are typical for any JIRA project with Kanban methodology, and all these elements are common and easy to understand.

In case you have already found a bug and need to report it as your first ticket, you need to click on the '+' icon from the left navigation panel of the JIRA software management system.


After clicking the ‘+’ icon, the pop-up modal will be displayed for the user. The top drop-down field should be matched with the name of the project where you are creating the ticket, and the second one is the type of the reported ticket (e.g., bug, story, feature, or epic). It is the primary option for the hierarchy tree.


All other fields are usual and typical for any software management system, and we have checked them during the previous lessons about bug and bug tracking systems.

Also, the usefulness of the JIRA is a simple, easy-to-understand interface of the ticket form with tips below each field. It will help a new user to get used to the new system.


And, after filling all required fields and user can submit the form and ticket will be created something like that.


This all you need to start your work with a new software management system, in this case JIRA, but in general all systems like this one, so the more experience you will get with new systems, the more quickly you will adapt after transition.

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