eCommerce Digest #122

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The world of eCommerce is constantly growing. Every week something new happens product updates, new tools, industry events, knowledge sharing initiatives. Our mission is to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of eCommerce-related information by putting together this digest.

The articles range from tutorials, tools, and videos to events in Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Shopware, WooCommerce, Laravel, WIX and WordPress. Click on the link to see what’s happening around the most popular eCommerce platforms.


Optimize Your Website's Image Sizes to Boost Performance by SwiftOtter

Can 3D Product Configurators increase sales?! Here are 3 that we reviewed! by SwiftOtter

Spatial commerce hands-on check: successful use cases for B2B and B2C by Marius Hammel

Discover the best Magento competitors: top alternatives for your ecommerce needs by Shopware

Why Your An Expensive Ad Campaign Failed: The Power of User-Generated Content! by Ecommerce Coffee Break

Behind the Cart: AI's Secret Role in Conversational eCommerce — Marshall Cowan by Ecommerce Coffee Break

Stop Losing Money on Ads! Try This Insane AI Hack by Ecommerce Coffee Break

My AI Podcast Avatar Speaks Spanish Like a Native by Ecommerce Coffee Break

How Does The Decline of Third-Party Cookies Affect Internet Advertising? by Ecommerce Coffee Break

How AI is Transforming Customer Engagement in Digital Commerce by Ecommerce Coffee Break

Offshoring vs Outsourcing: A Detailed Comparison by Zoe Lee

Which eCommerce Platform Should Small Businesses Choose? by IDS Logic

8 Best Indian Payment Gateways [2024] by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

70+ ChatGPT Statistics & Facts to Know in 2024 by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

20 Digital Payments Statistics For 2024 [Updated] by Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

The Top 10 Paid Advertising Platforms: Propel Your Business Forward by Technoprofiles

CMS vs. Custom Development (2024 Comparison) by XtremeUX

Magento 2

Magento 2.4 Full Course by Max Pronko

Meet Magento UK in Mermaid, London on June 17-18

Meet Magento Brazil 2024 in Consolação, São Paulo on  Jun 24

MageTitans Groningen 2024 in DOT, Groningen on Sep 13

Meet Magento Poland 2024 in Poznan on Sep 30 - Oct 01

Meet Magento NYC 2024 in New York City, USA on Oct 10

Meet Magento Netherlands in Amsterdam on Oct 31

Mage Unconference Germany in Cologne, Germany on Nov 01-03

Meet Commerce Spain 2024 in Barcelona, Spain on Nov 12

Hyvä Developers Paradise 2025 in Gran Canaria, Spain on Feb 21-Feb 22

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How to Import Etsy Reviews to Shopify Step-by-Step Guide by FireBear Studio

How to Import Reviews from AliExpress to Shopify: Best Tools, Step-by-Step Guide & Management Typs by FireBear Studio

Introducing Shopify Integration With Dynamics 365 Business Central: Features, Benefits & Connector by FireBear Studio

How to Transfer Domain to Shopify? by MageComp

How to Remove Password protection from Your Shopify Store? by MageComp

How to Download Themes in Shopify? by MageComp

How to remove themes in Shopify? by MageComp

Best Web Hosting Services: How To Choose a Website Host by Dylan Ris

How CI/CD Can Streamline Ecommerce Websites by Shopify Staff

What Does an Ecommerce Manager Do? 4 Key Responsibilities by Sascha Bos

Build an Effective Product Taxonomy for Better Online Browsing by Shopify Staff

Your Ultimate Guide to Shopify Export: Product Feed by FireBear Studio

Bluehost Vs Shopify: Which Is The Better Host In 2024? by Summer Nguyen

CS Cart Vs Shopify: Which Is A Better E-commerce Platform? by Summer Nguyen

Ionos Vs Shopify: Which e-Commerce Platform Triumphs? by Summer Nguyen

Jimdo Vs Shopify: A Detailed Comparison You'll Need In 2024 by Summer Nguyen

Joomla Vs Shopify: Which Is A Better E-commerce Solution? [One-side answer] by Summer Nguyen

Jumpseller Vs Shopify: The Difference You Must Know! by Summer Nguyen

How to Do Email Marketing for Shopify by Ecom Masterclass

Browser Abandonment Shopify - How to Set These Emails Up Step by Step by Ecom Masterclass

Welcome Email Series Shopify: How to Set These Emails Up Step by Step by Ecom Masterclass

Win-Back Emails Shopify: How to Set These Emails Up Step by Step by Ecom Masterclass

20 Free Mobile AI Apps That Will Blow Your Mind! by Learn With Shopify

How To Use TikTok Marketing To Make Your Business Go VIRAL (Organic Strategy Guide) by Learn With Shopify

20 Secret Excel Pro Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner by Learn With Shopify

How To Sell eBooks On Shopify: A Complete Guide by Summer Nguyen

How to Add Testimonials to Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide by Summer Nguyen

Dropshipping from eBay to Shopify: The Ultimate Guide by Summer Nguyen

Refresh Theme Shopify: The Best Theme for Success by Summer Nguyen


BigCommerce: Empowering Your Headless Ecommerce Journey by Mariana Kosynska

BigCommerce Customers Around the World Named Finalists for MACH Impact Awards by BigCommerce


Shopware as a Platform by Shopware

Shopware vs. Community by Shopware

Explore the leading open-source ecommerce platforms with Shopware by Shopware

Recap: That was the Shopware Community Day 2024 by Anna Nordhoff

Manage orders (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN) by Shopware Knowledge


WooCommerce Updated to Address Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability by Jay Walsh

Digital wallets and assets for WooCommerce by Dave Lockie

Developer Advisory: XSS Vulnerability in WooCommerce 8.8.0 and later by Jacklyn Biggin

WooCommerce 8.8.5 and 8.9.3: Dot Release and Backport Fixes by pia8c


How to Use a Closure with updateOrInsert() in Laravel 11.10? by Bharat Desai 

"Fast Projects" by Larafast: Real life, ready to use Laravel based Boilerplates by Eric L. Barnes

Sentry and Laravel announce a new partnership by Eric L. Barnes

Share Error Package for Laravel's New Exception Page by Paul Redmond

Laravel Herd v1.7 is out with updates to the dump UI by Eric L. Barnes

Neovim Plugin to for Navigating Laravel and Livewire Components by Paul Redmond

Create a DateTime from a Timestamp With this New Method Coming to PHP 8.4 by Paul Redmond

Backpack turns 8 years old, celebrates with 40% discount by Cristian Tabacitu


How to add live chat to wix website [2024 UPDATED] by How To 1 Minute

How to add google calendar to wix website | Event calendar for Wix by How To 1 Minute

How to upload fonts to wix | use custom fonts wix by How To 1 Minute

How to add a privacy policy to wix (Step By Step) by How To 1 Minute

How to create a job board on wix | Full Guide by How To 1 Minute

How to change text size on wix [Quick & Easy] by How To 1 Minute

How to add an interactive map to wix website | Adding Google Maps to Wix by How To 1 Minute

How to get a qr code for wix website (2024 UPDATED) by How To 1 Minute

How to create a powerful free landing page in under an hour by Kylie Goldstein

It’s New: A Daily SEO News Video Series by WIX

What are Google algorithm updates? by Mordy Oberstein


WordPress 6.6 Beta 2 by marybaum

Highlights from WordCamp Europe 2024 by Dan Soschin

Developer Hours: Exploring Synced Pattern Overrides in WordPress 6.6 by WordPress

Using the Group block by WordPress

Essential security plugin features and settings by WordPress

WordCamp Europe 2024: Matt Mullenweg Keynote Presentation by WordPress

WordCamp Europe 2024: Matt Mullenweg Q&A by WordPress

WordPress Uses: How to Setup and Build Blog and Ecommerce Websites by Shopify Staff

Preventing WordPress Design Disasters by Jeremy Anderberg

Say Hello to the Hosting Dashboard by Dave Martin Partner Spotlight: Do the Woo 4.0 by Staff

Host Your WordPress Meetup Site for Free on by Daniel Bachhuber

Episode 81: It’s your first WordCamp? Welcome! by Brett McSherry

How to Edit HTML in WordPress (Easy Beginner’s Guide) by Sally Do

Why WordPress for Students Is a Game-Changer in the Digital Age by Duke

How a WordPress Certification Can Boost Your Career by Duke

3+ Methods To Convert HTML to WordPress by Sally Do

How to Upload an HTML Page to WordPress (Without 404 Errors) by Sally Do

Create a Portfolio Website with Ease: Step-by-Step by Nyhm

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